Child Fucker

Time for some vulgarity! Whatever, life is a travesty

Urine stains, finger tips, ghost over skin, ripped and scarred human tapestry

Scissors walk over the wrist, little white lines

Child fucker! Morbid, ruin one more person. Stupid bovine

Incomplete sentences. Incomplete thoughts. Broken down brain

Stick the knife in his head, twist it round, deliciously insane

I'm so horny. Beat my meat

"I said 'do it!'" Drag him back, no escape, cut off his feet

There's no more running now, you belong to me

American posture, bent to stand up straight, you'll never be free


Hide your morbid abuse, obscenity, the world will never know

Corruption, locks with spiky keys won't let you go

Golden eclipses, so pretty, shadows what's really going on

Keep you behind closed doors, no one's coming for you, pray all you want, even your god is gone

Opaque glass, the people think you're happy so just pretend you are

They won't believe you anyway so why bother even trying to show your scars?

I'll wipe away your blemishes, perfect imperfection, my theme

Song of the Day is the Star Spangled Banner, listen closely, I promise everything is at it seems

HaHa! Just the way I wanted, one more I created

Malnutrition, lack of originality, de-saturated

I am the Child Fucker; I'll ruin you, imperfect human cow

Happily morbid, demagogue, can you guess who I am now?