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Come one, come all

Bring your friends and see the show

Watch the girl sing and dance

Within moments, you're entranced

Nothing wrong with her, you think as you cheer

This girl is fine; really, she's got nothing to fear

With her pretty smile and perfect face

She has no shame, knows no disgrace

Ah, but do you look

Beyond what you see

You might be surprised

She's not perfect, is she?

It's just a circus, and she's the star

The acrobat flipping her life inside out

Making you love her, making you shout

You ask no questions for she tells no lies

But you have yet to look into her eyes

Where all the secrets and deceit lie

But oh, you say, laughing at me,

Are you blind? Do you not see?

She's happy, she's fine, and the show is sublime

I tell you you're wrong, the show's just that

No more than a script, it's only an act

And as the finale comes into play

You actually get a glimpse of her face

You're eyes widen and you say to me

She's not so perfect after all, is she?

I nod gently and look to her eyes

Tears streaming down as she silently cries

The music gets faster and the cheers get louder

We say nothing, us two know better

The music slows and her feet stop

We stand up and cheer, we understand

As the cheers and calls start setting in

Her hidden frown has turned to a grin

The music and colors only camouflage her fate

Beneath all that love, there's clearly self-hate

But right now, she's smiling, right now, she's okay

For she has played and won her game

The circus is over, she can go home

Until next time, she's finally done.