From a Distance

The rumor is that you like me;
You get your friends to ask me
If I'll go with you,
Although I think that if you like me so much,
That you should just ask me yourself,
Because I'm less likely to say no to your face.

Was I so wrong to think that this was all a joke
Like the other situations like this in the past;
You have the right to know how I feel, too,
If you ask, I wouldn't mind telling you;
Will I end up telling you truly how I feel?
Only time will tell.

Now I don't know what you think of me,
You seem so quiet when we're close;
Have I thrown you off the course
That we were meant to take?
If I have, I must say I am deeply sorry,
Nevertheless, this is who I really am.

I tend to pull on facades when I'm in public,
Not that anyone knows or sees the fake smiles,
However, if you feel you still like me,
Just wait till you get to know me,
Especially if you think I'm energetic all day long,
If you look inside of me, darkness is all you'll find.

I'm extremely sorry if I upset you at all,
However, I only like you as a friend, nothing more,
You can still feel otherwise, I won't try to make you change your mind,
Nevertheless, just know, I'm here for you to talk to,
I'm not a girl who'll scream to get away,
However, I don't think we're meant to be.

I'm not ready to love someone yet,
I'm just getting over the hatred first,
I'm sorry to say I don't love you,
Like you try to love me.
Can't we just be friends with the great conversations like before?
At least you can still love me, but you just can't expect anything from me.

I'm sorry….

I wrote this poem not too long ago, when I had a very troubling time and this poem just seemed to flow. It's also kinda based on something that happened last year. I hope you enjoy it. Please review.