Still young in this body, and knowing of my fortunate curse, my tired mind grows weary for another of my intellect. Though I have made many friends throughout my career at Haddam Killingworth High School, only one of them seemed suited to my needs. Her name, Melissa, although she is accustomed to the alias of Missy. We met several years ago at what you would call a "Youth Group", although we, never really talked much until last year, and have truly grown close only within the past few months. Recently accepting her sexuality and willing to accept any of a number of fates, this one was the perfect choice. The following is the story of how we changed each others lives for eternity.

I came to the realization that my now closest friend would be the right choice one day while performing my usual routine of stalking the halls of HKHS in search of someone to reign beside me along my quest to overthrow the human race. My efforts seeming fruitless for the most part led me to one, "Missy". After learning the basic facts about each other, we learned to be open with each other to the point that it seemed like we were more than family. It was on this day of revelation that I realized she would be the one. There were few things we kept from each other, she refused to let me in on certain aspects of life, but feeling comfortable around this one, I told her everything about myself, keeping only my deepest, darkest secret from her then innocent mind…

One day while pondering my conquering move, (it was only a card game, but it was still good practice), Missy walked into the Strategic Games club to talk with me about a problem she had been recently having with one of her "friends." Noticing the worry and sadness in her gentle eyes, I took the fast way out and bombarded my opponent with all my active creatures, rendering him lifeless. After that hopeless defeat, I packed up my cards and walked off into the halls with Missy. Knowing that I could put an end to her endless feelings of self0hatred and vulnerability, I posed a "hypothetical" question. The question was this: "Missy, you're an intelligent girl, what you would say if someone close to you came out of their metaphorical closet and revealed that they were a Vampyre and asked you to reign beside them as their Demonic Queen?"

Missy jokingly responded with "hon, u know I'll be your Kinky Dark Queen if you only ask."

"Missy, this is no joke, if you were given the chance, would you become a Vampyre? I could make it happen,"

Feeling comfortable with our surroundings or lack thereof, Missy truthfully answered with "Yrs, if you can make it happen, I would join you in watching this forsaken race develop into something useful and worthwhile."

Standing in front of the lockers outside of Missy's homeroom, we heard the ring of the bell signifying the end of lunch, which is when I threw her up against the locker labeled as hers and, upon the mass of metal doors ceasing to clatter, leaned in close to the wide-eyed expression on the face of my mortal love, and, allowing my cold, seedy eyes to bore deeply into her gentle appearance, and devilishly whispered to her so that none of the appearing masses could hear "Just say the words dear, and I'll be at your side in an instant." With that, I left her pondering my words and was off to my Bio class.

We met up on the bus later, and naturally sat together, as we often do when something comes up between us. But today was different, I needed to hear her answer, and then contemplate my next move in the process of turning this girl, and turning is not a single-meaning word in this particular story.