We sat in silence for what seemed like days. The reality? It had only been one hour since Sam came in. I glanced at the clock that was carefully hung above the Cappucino machine. 10:45am. Missy was awake now, as was I. Lindsey was behind the counter, brewing up some coffee for her companions. Sam was.....where was Sam? None of us saw her leave, nor did any of us hear the bells chime as though the door were being opened and closed. That sneaky little She-Devil, she vanished. We all knew how to, we just never cared enough to disapear that quickly. It was simple,really. You just focused your mind on where you were, and where you wanted to be, and within seconds, you could be halfway across the world. Missy and Lindsey both knew she had vanished as soon as they noticed she was missing. We waited.

11:15am. Dark grey, near-black, smoke came pouring in through the cracks around the door. It was midday, and the sun shone brightly, we all knew Sam was making a flashy appearance, showing off for the "baby" of the group. When Sam had finally transmutated back into her slightly more friendly, Human form, she looked toward Missy and I as if to say "get you're lazy asses over here, I have something for you two lovebirds." We didn't think twice. Sam may be quiet as a midnight graveyard, but when she spoke, everyone listened. Missy and I walked over and stood next to the counter, Lindsey stood behind the counter facing us, and Sam stood next to me, near the door. Samantha, the mysterious Eldar, had something to show us. We all stood, silent, as Sam reached into her pocket, than pulled her hand back out and ran it over the countertop. Before us lay three Inverted Crucifixe pendants made of ruby quartz, strung on Silver rope chains. Identical to Sam's own Charm.

We all looked up at her, astonished.

"There's no need to thank me, my Children," Sam laughed, "It was time you learned, all three of you"

But it wasn't the sight of the Charms that was so amazing, it was what happened as we put them on. First was mine, as I shut the clasp of the chain behind my neck, a gold inlay of a Dragon --the Animal everyone thought best represented my Soul-- appeared in the stone of my new pendant. Not engraved, but inside the actual stone. Next was Missy's; a Tiger. Then Lindsey; a Wolf. Finally, Sam's own pendant changed; a Winged Serpent.

"What...was that all about?" I asked, slightly confused

"They're our Animal Spirits" Sam began, "They depict the animals that best represent our Souls. And you'll also find that these are much easier forms to take over than most others"

"Ah. That makes sense. Wait,what was that noise?" I walked outside and faced the town where Sam and I had first met. Deep River. I thought I heard a scream, but wasn't sure. When I turned to go back inside, I found Sam mssing again.

"FUCK!" Lindsey, stay here with Missy, I'll call on you if we need help."

"Wait, what's going---" She didn't have time to finish before I had disapeared, and located Sam in Downtown Deep River.