For Now, For Ever, For Always

They say forever's much too long

They say we couldn't be that strong

But me, I know that they're all wrong

And we'll be best friends forever.

Over any land or sea

Past time into eternity

Will you and I be known as 'we'

Just like best friends should.

We'll laugh and cry and shed our tears

Across the long and joyous years

Together vanquish all our fears

And fight, one for the other.

We'll grow closer as time flies

As dreams and hopes both live and die

We'll fly each other to the skies

A pair of chosen sisters.

And happily, we'll move along

Engaged in neverending song

Short, the hour that lasts us long

Until we meet our God.

For, someday, life will have to end

A mortal cycle not to bend

But, still, forever, 'till the end

Best friends we will stay.

And on, we'll spirit friends remain

Through thunderstorms and pouring rain

Though seperation brings us pain

We'll be forever one.


What'cha think?