This is a message for you wonderful people who still follow His Eyes… I have a new YA contemporary romance book, Under the Lens, that's now published and available on Amazon.

Aidan suddenly becomes the star of an online reality show. And the last thing he wants to be is famous.Mr. Stolken hires him to be his rich grandson, complete with a hot girlfriend and a sports car. The fine print: Aidan's every move is about to be filmed and his new life preplanned…except for Hazel. Dating her would break his contract, a violation that comes with an $80,000 fine. Will Aidan follow his heart and risk losing everything?

I hope you'll check it out! Thank you for all of your support over the years.

Also, please check out my work-in-progress, Masked, on Wattpad.

Who would kiss a masked stranger without a care to the consequences? Sierra, a 17-year-old heiress who only thinks about herself. That is, until Kein turns her life upside down. Unmoved by her status, he shows her the world exists beyond her sheltered life. So begins the unlikely romance between a socialite and a shadow.

All the best,