Once upon a time they say,

In a village far away,

There lived a knight who was brave and bold,

Who rescued maidens so has been told.

But on a dark and dusky day,

His favoured lady was taken away,

By a dragon feared by many around,

Because he would stealth about without making a sound.

It was a month before the knight found out,

And when he did he gave a shout.

"That beastly monster must be killed",

And his voice was heard throughout the hills.

And because the dragon was drawing near,

The people of the village began to fear.

For the dragon kills with fiery roars,

As he comes down from the sky he soars.

So the knight headed off with a face so grim,

Searching for the lady who had been fair to him.

He heard the dragon screech in the hills afar,

And hurried along to spear it's heart.

But as he came around the bend,

He saw a sight that made him rend.

Dirty bones were scattered on the ground,

And in the middle stood a lady sweet and sound.

"Don't slay this poor dragon, for he has done no wrong,

All he wanted was for someone to sing him a song.

His heart is a breaking, he is dreary and sad,

It is only the men of the village that have made him mad.

You think him a beast, you think him a horror,

But really, deep down, he's as soft as an otter.

So please, good knight, please hear me out!

Just sing him one song, and you'll have no doubt.

Your fair lady shall be returned, and the great dragon will live,

With a life of sweet memories, and a heart of goodness to give,

He will no longer eat men; he will no longer eat women,

If you do this all bad things will be forgotten."

At that moment the dragon flew down,

And the knight sang a song that was heard all around.

He sang of a journey, of a brave and bold knight,

Who saved his sweet lady with bravery and might.