Cracked Cement

I run through fields of flowers; running until I fall. I cut my wrists on flower petals, the butterflies feed on my flesh. I get up and run, the blood dripping from my body. I know your body lies there somewhere, somewhere in the field of flowers. I begin to sob as I run. The salty tears sting my wounds, burning my flesh away as if it were acid. The once pale skin is now blackened, stained with the color of my death.

My mind is racing with images of the horror that awaits me: blood soaked hair, crushed bones speared through marred flesh. Eyes showing only white skin peeled back, the veins and muscles shown for the birds to pick at.

My thoughts and tears blind me, and once again I fall. I let my eyes close, and when I open them a black raven is standing guard beside me. He flies to my hand and perches in his elegant matter. Telling me with his eyes that he will lead me to where she sleeps. I follow his silent wings to where he stops. Landing on a stone, a stone marking a grave.

I fall to the ground weeping into my lacerated body. The grave is hers. I had been looking for her so long that I failed to see her death. I touch my lips to the stone. Kissing her for the last time. Goodbye my love. After I whisper my forever goodbye I close my eyes for the last time and let the last breath drip from my by body. I close my eyes for the last time, for this was forever goodbye.

I let myself die with thoughts of you. I let my body lay where they will never find it. I am dead in my dreams. You will never find my body. You can never enter my world, you don't believe. You don't see.

Bury me under the place where the violets and roses lie. Cover my skull with cracked cement, words of my life, words of my death; you will never notice any difference. You will never see what you never saw.