Kyle walked into the bedroom of his small apartment and shut the door behind him. For a few minutes, he paced around anxiously and in deep thought. In his twenty year life, this was the biggest decision he had ever made and would be his last. Finally, he quit pacing and walked over to his desk in the corner of the room. Nervously, he picked up a pencil and started writing a short note:

By the time this is read, if it ever is, I will no longer be alive. Once I get done with this, I will be killing myself. It's not like anyone has ever cared about me anyway. Not even my own family, the very people who are supposed to, did. All my life, I was told I was a mistake by the very people who were supposed to love me. The people I knew during my years in school weren't much better. I had no friends growing up and the girl of my dreams practically ignored me and had nothing to do with me. I was beaten up nearly every day and worse by people who believed they were better than me. My entire life has been nothing but misery. But no more! Tonight it will end. I will move to eternity and be rid of this shattered reality of my life.



Kyle put down the pencil and opened the top drawer of the desk. He reached in and pulled out the handgun and package of bullets. Without a word, he pulled out a bullet and loaded the gun with it. He simply just could not deal with his painful memories anymore. His abuse from both his family and school had taken its toll on his mind.

He closed the blinds to his room and sat down on the bed. For a few seconds, Kyle sat there staring at the grey shag carpet of his bedroom and grasped the gun tightly. With deep sadness in his heart, he placed his finger on the trigger and put the barrel in his mouth.

Kyle closed his eyes and pulled the trigger.