Open Up Your Heart

With glassy eyes and vision blurred,

She hids behind a past that is scarred.

Crouching in a corner, holding back unshed tears,

She covered her ears tight and hoped that she could not hear.

Not shouts, not screams, not even a mouse scurrying by,

but trying to block the lingering silence creeping her way.

The deafening stillness pounding through her very pore,

leaving her trapped and made her feel like screaming even more.

Shaking inside an empty shell,

Running away from those wishing her well.

Enclosed in a life surrounded by darkness so thick no light could penetrate,

she willing held up her life to trade.

Shivering alone, wanting badly to take flight,

she could not find anyone who would understand her plight.

Her heart already broken, her mind torn to shreds.

Fliting through life, living in dread.

Wondering just when her sleep would not end,

Wishing still that her heart someone would mend.

Yet, the key to the lock she kept tight in her grasp.

For, in this world there was no longer anyone to trust.

Huddling in her corner, she indulged in the dream of being freed.

Until her final breath, she clunged and relished in this greed.

Seeking more of her fantasy,

Sinking deeper in ecstasy.

Craving desperately for imprisonment to end,

without thinking of reaching out her hand.