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At the end of the day

When the sun goes down

I smile to the oncoming darkness.

It sneaks into my room,

Streaking through the windows,

Crawling under the door,

Billowing in,

Filling every nook and cranny

Until my room is black

And I can't see a thing.

I lay in my bed,

Snuggled close into the covers,

Quite content with the darkness of the mind,

For in this darkness,

There is nothing to stop you

From being by my side.

The distance that seperated us

Disappears when the lights go down,

For I am alone,

In the dark,

Where anything can happen.

It's easiest to hide

Form everything that haunts you

When you can't see your fears

And they can't see you.

It's easiest to bring back the ones that you love

When there's no one to tell you,

"Stop dreaming, they're gone."

It's easiest to listen,

To think,

To dream,

When your senses are opened

To the impossibility of the night.

I can imagine you're here,

Snuggled by my side,

Like that cold night we went camping

In the mountains up north.

You can whisper my name,

Telling me that you'll never leave me again,

Like you always used to.

You can hold me in your arms,

And I can feel your warmth,

And you and I can be sisters,

Like we were before.

I can fall asleep

In your loving arms,

Without a worry or care,

A problem or fear.

And then, when I wake

In the early hours of the morning

To find you gone again,

I can squint through the darkness

To look at your picture,

Barely making out

Your face,

And then,

In the dark

I can cry.

For it's easiest to cry

When no one can see you

Or hear you

Or know

That you're not really as storng

As you wish you could be.

And no one but you

Will ever have to know

Why I love the night.


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