Butterfly's Flight
Grace Maxwell

Turn and see, Turn and see
Do you see the butterflies passing by?
Turn and run, Turn and run
Will you go and catch me one?

Choking on petals of roses
Hard to breathe, Hard to breathe
Rose petals all around
Hard to see, Hard to see

Swimming in a sea of red
Cannot see, Cannot see
Rose petals suffocating me
Cannot breathe, Cannot breathe

Are you so blind you cannot see?
That haunting smile is scaring me
What butterflies? Where?
Oh, realization has dawned on me.

Do you see, Do you see?
That beautiful butterfly flying around me
Far past the rose petal sea,
A beautiful butterfly waiting just for me

A weak smile returns your haunting one
Watching as your eyes close, still
Smile still plastered on your face
I guess you have passed the Rose Petal Sea...

A/N:: Okay for those of you that really didn't understand... Butterflies are considered a symbol of death in, I think it was, Japan... Anyways, they say that a butterfly carries the soul of a dead person to heaven on their wings. I was thinking about it and I came up with this.. -;; Eh... I hope you like... Review..?