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GGGG A tiny figure follows a larger masculine one closely with large violet eyes in the hours before dawn. Light flaxen hair in the moonlight gives the illusion to a silver halo floating on each long strand. His prey's azure eyes point down and locks of brown shade them. He is annoyed at being pursued by the smaller boy. He tells the smaller to beat it and begins to walk faster. GGGG

Giving the demon a perplexed look he trotted after him. He had never seen anger up close and had no idea that such an emotion could be dangerous. "Why must I leave? I was only following you, not harming you. Why do you feel this way?" he asked, blinking up at the smoking boy. He didn't even consider this boy could strike out at him for he had no reason too. Innocence is only a blessing for those who are not needed.


"You annoy me to an infinite extent!" the demon snarled, quickening his pace. He had no clue to why this creature was dogging his footsteps, or even that he was not a being from the mortal realm. "Leave me to my wandering, my cursing of the cold, gleaming, hurtful heavens! Leave me to the disapproving stare of the moon!" The youth's hands had flown out of their pockets and seemed to speak of anger and bottomless pain in their frantic motion. "Just GO away!" Crying this retort, the boy sprinted down the street, turning the corner and disappearing from view.

"Hey! Come back! I'm supposed to…" his voice died off as he saw the boy leave. He was annoyed, an emotion he was familiar with. The boy had used large words to throw him off and then used the time he was thinking about there translations to run off. He sighed… this boy was complicated. He was seemingly lacking emotion at first glance then running off with that "anger" one.

Pulling out a pocket watch he tapped the glass twice before sighing and placing it back into his pocket. He didn't need much sleep but it was getting late… but he needed to find this boy again, it was his job. He spread out his mind, stopping when he touched the boys. He took off after him, his light aura swallowed in the shadow.


'That was a great waste of my time!" He thought to himself, a bit indignant at the whole situation. Slowly regaining his icy composure, he hummed a tune his mother used to sing, and a faint smile spread across his face. He hated the night...so dark and devoid. Give him the day, the bustle and business of seducing mortals to the sweet fate of death and eternal slumber. He could sure use some rest...Yawning, he boy wrinkled his nose, slowing his pace to a leisurely stroll.


"C'mon... I gotta find him before he hurts himself." panted the boy. He struggled to keep running, his breath coming in deep gusts and sweat was poring off his form, wetting his shirt.

"Okay... I give... for now..." he muttered to the stars. "But as soon as the sun comes up, I'll find him, he's gotta protect himself..." He yawned; this human world was more exhausting then any he had ever visited. Slinking down on the brick building he leaned against it and closed his eyes. Sleep was good...


Muttering curses under his breath that even a sailor would flinch at, the honeyed haired youth made his way home. A luxury apartment. Hey, Lucifer treated his favorites well! Even if they weren't exactly full blooded spawn...

Shaking the thought from his head, the boy pounded the button on the mahogany paneled elevator, making his way to his room and collapsing on the bed without changing clothes.

Light streamed through the window, clambering at his eyelids in a silent crowd, eager to wake the grumpy fellow. Groaning in extreme annoyance, the rangy youth slid of the bed, cracking his neck before trekking towards the bathroom. Showering and changing, he headed out, onto the near empty street.


Light and energy hit the child's closed eyes all at once. He had been brought up to love the light, it was a sign of his people and his Lord's good graces but the energy… came from different two separate sources.

One was from above; the almighty sun could offer more protection in this place then any lone star in the dark night-sky. He was being egged on by it, to finish his quest. To find the seemingly older boy he had met last night.

The other however, was some foreign entirely; almost similar to his energy signature but there was something different about this power radiating from nowhere. It was definitely stronger then the guidance he felt towards daylight for this was a pull, a mental hunch and all he had to do was follow it to whatever it might lead him.

He noted to himself, amused, that he seemed to have a one track mind… but not now, for however much he wanted to follow the tug, he wouldn't last in this world without some kind of food.


The youth hissed, pulling his hooded ashen sweatshirt over his head and hunched down. How he detested the sunlight-perhaps more then the stars. The fiery orb seemed to stare down at him, taking the post its Queen had assumed in the darkness. It radiated power, trying to burn him from this plane, but no. It could never burn him. Never hurt him... Grinning maliciously, the boy continued on.

Hearing a growl, he glanced down, a frown marring his too beautiful features. Hungry. He was hungry. Wonderful. Sighing in mild annoyance, he scanned the streets, locking onto a local mom and pop cafe of sorts. Nodding slightly, he headed in.


The small blond hugged his thin white shirt to him. Who knew earth could be so cold? They were never cold back home. He sighed; there was no point in thinking about home right now for they could only supply mental stability.

Shifting his eyes around the barren street and his eyes locked onto a diner.

He began to feel that tug again and his violet eyes widened. His feet had begun walking across to the site without his realizing or consent and bending his head down in defeat, he entered.

He glanced shyly around the establishment, no one in sight causing the boy slight disappointment.

"You need any help sweetheart?" asked a raspy voice from behind. The blond jumped about a foot high.

He turned to find an old, plump woman, smiling kindly down at him.

"Er… yes, do you serve food here?"

She barked a laugh, "We do sometimes," she joked.

"How about now?" the blond asked earnestly.

The old lady chuckled and ushered him over to the counter. "Yes, yes, of course. You poor boy, you're so thin! I'll fix that," she said. "Now, before anything else, introductions! I'm Georgia, and you are…?"

"Oh um… Simon," he replied, shrinking under her tender gaze. As nice as it was to meet someone friendly down here he really needed to investigate the annoying tug.

Baein came out of the bathroom, letting the door swing and slam shut as he scanned the room. Angrily, he noted his little stalker from the night before. Joyous day. Growling softly, he glided over to the counter-almost inhuman in his motions. Looking the plump woman up and down, he spoke.

"Coffee. Black. Eggs. Poached." With that he turned away, sitting down in a corner booth and staring out the grimy window from the blackness of his cowl like garment. Simon was it? Hah! Insignificant fool. Simon! The lad scoffed, though he had no reason to, other then to already sully the boy's already tainted image in his mind. Simon....

As the twin gems stared out blankly, he started humming a soft, strange tune-completely unaware that he was doing it. And old devil's nursery rhyme. Literally.

Simon shuddered, his fair hair falling in front of his large eyes. That melody coming from the other side of the diner was, pardon the use of words, demonic. It frightened him and made him wince at the awful tune all at once. He spun around on his seat, ignoring the Georgia who had been studying his mangled expression.

He had every intention of telling whoever it was to cut it out but halted as his violet eyes locked onto the opposing demon's.

The youth stared at the other menacingly, a predatory smile creeping over his face. Ignoring the bustling woman completely, he crept out of his seat, halting the odd ditty as he did so. Swishing over, he leaned down into the other's face, hood slipping and revealing a mahogany colored head. Two glacier eyes stood out from his glowing face, looking down at the smaller male with hatred. "What. Are. You. Doing?" The lad questioned, voice low and yet at the same time lilting.

Simon shivered, but from what he did not know. He stared into the elders eyes, trying to harden his gaze. It didn't work, naturally, but he had to try.

"Well, actually, waiting for breakfast, like you," he said in a soft voice, giving him a polite smile. "I guess you think I'm…" he searched for the word, "…stalking you, don't you?" Simon raised a delicate eyebrow, not fearing this boy at all.

Baein'sonly response was the narrowing of his eyes. How he wished he could put thisboy in his place, but razing down a building let alone murdering would attract to much unwanted attention. The boy walked away rigidly, sitting in his booth just as the delicious smelling food arrived.

Digging into the mountains of yellow softness, he sprinkled salt and pepper on them liberally. Shoveling the mess into his mouth, he ate like a heathen. Quite unusual for his seemingly sophisticated appearance.

Simon watched the other walk away and followed, it was his job after all. He slowly sank down in a seat mirroring the others and watched him, wondering exactly how to approach this situation. He had always been taught of the short tempers of the Under-Folk, and it was even lessened when they dealt with Angels.

Blinking childishly,Simon asked, "Do you know what I am?"

"A person I don't want to talk to."Baein answered simply, ignoring him after that and continuing to eat. Why was he sitting here? Did he not get the obvious hints? This was getting ridiculous! When he could let loose...oh was he going to get it. Yet he had to wait. Luci's orders! Sighing, he turned his vision on the window, staring out of it.

The small blond huffed. Were all other assignments this uncooperative?

A plate of French toast was set before Simon. He grinned, before taking a fork and diving in. No matter what the physical plain French toast always tasted good.

Gobbling up his food,Simon tried to keep a spare eye on the older boy.

Baeinsneered in disgust at the syrupy food, sliding out of the booth and walking out-without paying. So what? Mortals were stupid, beyond dignity. Paper barter? What idiots!

Sighing in frustration,Baein walked the streets, intending to quell his thirst for death with a handy mortal...long as that boy didn't tag along.

Simon barely noticed the boy's absence for a moment, before he heard Georgia talking about thievery. Placing a section of gold upon the fake-wooden table he took off hurriedly after the other.

Catching up with the other,Simon stuffed his hands into his khaki's pockets. Warily keeping pace with him, though struggling to, he tried to start some sort of conversation.

"So I'm Simon, what's your name?"

"Why?"Baein queried, tone cold. "Also why do you keep pestering me? Can you not take a hint? I've think I've made myself quite clear that I don't want to talk to you!" All the while, he kept his voice in the same husky and sultry tone, never glancing at Simon.

The youth shrugged a shoulder lightly, quickening his pace in hopes of losing this 'Simon'.

Why in hell was the boy staying!? Twisting suddenly, he slammed the boy into the brick wall, glaring at him and hissing. "You better tell me!"

"I want to know your name so I have something to call you; I keep pestering because I was told to, and I have seen the signs you don't want to talk to me but I really want to talk to you,"Simon replyed andsmiled up at the older boy, never batting an eyelash. "I'll stop talking if it annoys you but I must follow you around. No way around it." Hegave a half-frown at the boys attempt to speed up. "So, now will you tell me your name?"

Baeinscreamed in frustration, the sound high pitched and sharp-ill fitting for his frame. Almost harpy like...A hole appeared in the brick wall where the lad's fist had embedded itself. "WHAT THE FUCK? ORDERED TO?! BY THE CURST HEAVENS! YOU'D THINK GOD HAD ORDERED YOU BY YOUR SUPERIOR TONE!" Shrieking this, the boy ran-obviously not responding to Simon's other comments.

Swiftly,Baein faded around a corner, trying to seek shelter from that odd boy. He couldn't..... couldn't....

Simon gulped…. Definitely not the response he was going for…

The blondtook off after him, his golden bangs flying upward as each small foot hit the cracked sidewalk. "Wait please! I didn't mean to offend you!" he yelled after. In the back of his mind he hoped no mortal was watching.

Twisting around,the demonglared at the other with strangely lit orange eyes. "Baein. Baein is my name. Fitting no?" He laughed insanely, just making his trim frame tremble even more.

"No, it's not," the child, Simon,responded, raising a golden brow at the other in question. "It sounds pleasant, I'm sure, in any other tongue but English."

"Now you will tell me what the heaven you are after! Else I will bring my father's wrath down on you!"

Violet eyes went wide. "Whose… whose son are you?"Simon's voice was trembling now, he didn't know why. Clenching his fists in determination he stared into the eyes of his oppressor. "I'm not after anything! I'm here if you're after anything!"

"Why would I be after something?! WHO IN HIGH HEAVEN SENT YOU?!"Baein shrieked, one of the nearby glass storefronts breaking from the octavehe had slid into. The boy ignored the last question, glaring at the other with orange, slit eyes."Tell me or I swear...." He grimaced, tossing golden brown locks out of his eyes to get a better lock on the other.

"Tell me! Answer me you moron!"

"You swear what?"Simon asked childishly. He placed a small hand delicately on the other to quiet and comfort, forthe largerwas obviously distressed.

"I don't know what you would be after Baein and I all I really can answer you is that a fellow angel sent me."Simon truly didn't, angels just knew when they had to do something. Maybe it was from Him; then again, He did not interfere directly with any beings free will. At least that's what he had been taught since his creation.

Hissing in pain,Baein flinched away, rubbing the spot where the other had touched him. Damn his father's so called 'protection'!

'Angel! Angel! He's a Celestial...far above you and whatever you could ever strive to be. Perfect... he is much better then you!' Those high-pitched murmurings shrilled in his head, their shrieks ringing off his skull.

"Get away from me!" Baein hissed, morphing into a rangy, orange feline and bounding away.

Simon's mouth opened in shock. Had he burnt the other by merely his touch? Water gathered in his eyes… to cause others pain was a great sin and it was the one he was to protect… He would have to fix this, and although his small body was already exhausted by the exercise he had already received the last day, he gave chaise. He needed to show the other he was certainly no one to be feared.

In his blind panic, the demon turned cat ran wildly, shifting into human form and after another sprint, collided and collapsed against a rather painful brick wall. Biting his lips to stifle a cry, he rested his head in his arms, knees pulled up so that the azure eyed youth was curled as tightly as possible. The youth hurt him, but only because of his father's curse. After getting in trouble for his...social mannerisms, his lovely father had cursed him, denying him the pleasure of the flesh.

A great punishment for Baein, especially since he was a demon whose specialty was seducing. Even a minor brush of the hand shattered his nerves, making him wild.

Regaining his breath, Baein sighed softly. He hated this. Hated this realm and the one he had been raised in. At least his father would protect him from this other...being. Seeing as he was Lucifer's last child, at least so far.

When the little flaxen-haired Simon stumbled upon the demon again, his lips parted in surprise. Baein had a bruise forming on his skull where he had smacked into the stiff side of a building and what was even more unnerving, however, was that he was in what was a position that was known for being any humanoid creatures last defense against the world.

He couldn't stand it anymore; the calm words completely broke him. Baein burst out crying-great, trembling sobs wracked his body and he curled up tighter, unsuccessfully trying to hide his tears. "W-what do y-you want?" He managed to gasp out, not looking up to what would be Simon's blurry form. "God! If you're going to kill me do it now...I HATE this!" The demon screamed, clutching his head and rocking back and forth. "I can't stand it! Take it away! Take it all a-away!"

Leaning into the slighter frame, simply for the feeling of the lost but cherished touch, he cried into the other's chest -cold, silver liquid trailing down his chest only to shatter on the other's shirt. "Take it away..."Baein murmured, opening his eyes only to shut them tightly once more.

Simon did not show his surprise at the others act of helplessness on his face as he wrapped his arms around the demon. Holding the larger boy to him he whispered, "It's okay, I'll take whatever ails you as my own. I am only here to help you. It's okay Baein; I won't let anyone hurt you."

Simon began to rock the other, not at the frantic pace he had set but one which was gentle and soothing. He felt an overwhelming need to help the other, and it had less to do with the mission then he would have liked to admit.

"Everything hurts me..."the demonwhispered, only a few of the icy tears falling from his eyes now. "Anything that can..." His breath hitched in his chest and he bit back another sob.

Everything ached. His head especially, but an uncomfortable heat was creeping over his body from where he had prostrated himself on Simon. At least it wasn't on his bare skin, but he'd be dammed again if he moved from this spot. "How can you take away what pains me? You have no idea who I am...what has happened. How can you? You know nothing about me. Nothing..." His long fingers clutched the other tightly, unwilling to let go of the only one to comfort him. "You...can't..."

"Because I'm an angel,"Simon answered quietly, not realizing he was stroking Baein's soft tresses. He seemed so sad and vulnerable; no creature as mighty as this demon seemed to be should ever have to suffer so. Those who had hurt his partner would need to pay for their acts against not just against Baein, but by hurting him this person had harmed all of humanity.

"Tell me what you are then," Simon said, though he already knew the other was a demon he hadn't been briefed much further, "and no matter what I'll take it away." He gave the boy in his arms a muted smile.

"If I tell you'll simply run. Everyone does...I guess I don't care anymore." Baein took a ragged breath, unconsciously leaning into the touch. "I'm Lucifer's son. Hence my name. Baein. Play on the words Bane. As in bane to the world." Giving a weak laugh, the cerulean eyed boy stood, brushing off his pants and wandering away for a few paces.

"How are you going to take that away Simon? Take away my curse. My bane. You can't. Give it up." The shape shifter leaned against the wall, regaining his composure before he turned -his smirking mask once more in place.

Simon was somewhat disappointed at Baein's lack of warmth and weight upon his chest he frowned at the others words and stood, looking the other in his cerulean eyes with sadness. Baein was closing the door to his mind; his heart's walls being were re-strengthening themselves.

"I'm not going to run Baein, I care for you. The reason for my existence is to care for you; to protect you. I don't care who your father is, for no one truly evil can shed tears as you have." He paused for a moment, knowing how thin the ice he was treading on truthfully was.

"Did your father make you… feel the pain you do when you touch another?"

Quiet for a few moments,Baein's mask faltered, though quickly settled into place again. His defense...everyone in hell had been unnerved when he only smirked at their torture...not that they hadn't accepted him into their ranks quickly. That he was grateful for. "Odd..." Baein murmured; his voice a bit odd in its tone. "That an angel doesn't run from the Creator's rival's offspring. Strange that a demon had a guardian angel. Mind explaining that one to me? You are most likely better versed in Celestial rules and such then I." Sliding to the floor, he rested his head on his knees, breathing deeply and quietly. "As for my father...yes. For I disobeyed him, thereby causing him to banish me from the pleasure of the flesh. Very painful..." He murmured, smirking slightly.

Simon frowned again, at the fact that this boy seemed to smirk so much and the fact that his own father had done anything that horrible to the poor demon. No deed could ever be gruesome enough to take away the comfort of another's contact. He felt even more depressed for the boy, but he didn't want to pity him. Pride made people hate others generosity of material things or emotions. "There are no guidelines. I was simply told by my Fathering Soul donor, Michael, that I was destined to defend you. All creatures receive a guardian, you see, to make sure that it carries out what is needed for His plan. Most just never witness their guardian, and few have a personal one as well. Very few angels are allowed on earth, for they rarely ever return to us. Only for the most urgent of meetings do they come, they are different from the rest of us. They carry the expressions of the young humans without their mother do. All of us are trained to guard, but we rarely ever do. All of us are trained to fight but never do we lift our blade first… Sorry I'm rambling." He shook his head, clearing it of the visions of his beautiful home world.

"Basically, you're going to do something that will change everything as it is now in the course of the human world. I'm here to make sure you're alive to do it, to comfort you, and guide you in whichever direction you choose. I am your companion until your life drains from this body, if it ever does."

What? The boy had just boggled him completely. Guardian?!Baein could take well enough care of himself -by himself. With the exception of his father...but that wasn't relevant at the moment. "What was it? Fathering soul donor? That like a parent? You guys don't mate? How can you not?! Very pleasurable..." A grin came to the demon's face -a none to chaste one either. "Sinful or something? Your leader is much too stringent." Shaking his head, Baein walked off, hands jammed into his pockets.

"How am I supposed to change the human realm, when I cannot even gain access to my own? Changing the course of something? A demon? Pfft! Especially Lucifer's own seed. I doubt very much your feathered elder speaks truthfully." Shoving the ridiculous thought aside, he continued to walk, not looking back as he knew the other would follow.

Simon quickly followed Baein, his features contorted in confusion. "What's mating?" he asked sincerely, wondering if this was just a demon slang term for some kind of act.

"You can change the world, you will, which is why I am here. An angel can not lie, Baein, Michael knows best, for he was the one who drove your kind back when you tried to ravage the majesty that is Heaven."

All prepared to answer the boy, he shut his mouth and rounded on him-the thought of murder clearly raging in his eyes. "What?" He asked tersely, voice menacing in its soft tone. "My kind? My kind tried to ravage the so called majesty of heaven?!" Baein's voice was rising to a dangerous pitch, trembling with anger. "You're so called majesty" He spat the word like it was a bad taste in his mouth. "Is nothing but a pack of lies! Do you even know about the massacres on my people?!

"I bet my soul you don't! You have no idea what you have done!" Snarling, he turned tail, running along the street as fast as his legs would carry him. 'Why? Why? Why? Why must I deal with this now? Why can't God or Lucifer stop messing with me!?' Almost screaming in his haze of fury, he turned the corner, shifting into a hawk and somehow managing flight out of an alley. 'See if the angel will follow me now!'

He had taken off again! Maybe he should learn to keep his mouth shut. NowSimon was torn between two major instincts. One was to follow his fleeing partner or to stay and keep the secret of his wings hidden from humans looking skyward. Simon knew though what he had to do; by coming to Earth he had made Baein higher on his list then his own secrecy and safety. Sighing and closing his violet eyes he willed his spirit to become solid. A small golden band around his left leg glowed momentarily.

A thin white cloth tore and his pale torso was revealed along with something far more majestic. Silver wings were protruding from the small boys back, easily ten times Simon's size. The glowed within the shadows of the structure behind him and flickered in the sunlight.

With a powerful and large flap of his wings, Simon gave chase. Angel's wings were built for speed after all.


The hawk screeched, cerulean eyes so misplaced on the avian contracting with fear. 'No! No! No!' The hawk spiraled downward, and then hurtled into the air. Baein did not want to be caught by the angel. Did not want to feel safe or loved or whatever Simon thought he was doing or feeling or...

Pulse beating too fast, the golden hawk started in the air, sporadically twisting, wings flapping desperately. It was no use. The demon, so overcome with unused and unwanted emotion, fainted.

Shifting in mid-air into human form, he fell, the angel to close by for him to flee-even if he was conscious. No...Baein fell into the wonderful arms of oblivion, unaware that he was fast falling into a fate of crushed limbs and blood.

"No! Baein!" Simon cried in fear, it felt as though his heart had stopped. Diving after his partner he caught him in mid-air. Hoping the other couldn't feel pain while in his unconscious state he hugged him to him. He had never felt anything that intense… that painful in his entire being. Losing Baein… the thought hurt… is this how all guardians felt?

Clinging to the other even tighter then before, Simon gave his wings a powerful flutter and shot off to the outskirts of the city, trying to find a place to put his companion down.

Finding the edge of a cornfield many miles for the city (Angel's are built for speed, it had only taken him a few minutes) the Angel set the larger boy down carefully. Pushing away the bangs from Baein's face Simon allowed himself a moment to catch his breath and calm his pulse. He wasn't tired from flying, it was the first time in his life he had ever known fear.

Staring down at Baein worriedly he watched his chest move up and down. As long as it did that Baein was okay but… why was he still asleep! Simon began to fidget as he became even more scared for the demon; he had never had a panic-attack before and wasn't handling it well.

Baein woke up, the sweet, dry smell of corn wafting into his nose. "Mmm..." He cracked open an eye, drowsily letting his half gaze wander until it fell on the flaxen haired boy. "What happened...?" Wings...that was odd. Humans didn't have wings...Sitting up bolt-right; he shuddered, hugging himself in slight protection against Simon.

"What? What happened? I was flying. What did you do?!"Baein demanded, eyeing the angel with slight fear.He did not like how the other made him feel at all. His senses were warped, dull in a molasses like haze-too sweet, too...caring for his liking. Not good at all! He shifted slightly, to give his form a bit more power-just in case he had to defend himself.

Two amber fox ear popped fromBaein's mahogany hair, tense, yet pulled flat across his scalp-clearly showing his dissatisfaction. Slightly curved fangs pressed against his bottom lip, easing out of his mouth and into the golden day. A tail-which Simon could not see, was cowed behind him, flat against his legs in a clear sign of submission. All he wanted to do was get away; clear his thoughts...and this celestial wouldn't let him.

Simon smiled; relieved Baein was awake once again. He almost hugged him, but remembering what touch did to the poor boy and noting the look of fear and confusion in his eyes he decided his celebrating could wait. "You fell, remember? You fell asleep somehow; you picked an odd time to do that." Having a good-natured smile gracing his face he spoke again. "Please don't fear me, I won't ever harm you. I really do care for you."

Pausing a momentSimon thought… maybe his weak powers would be useful… maybe he could help Baein regain his ability to touch….

"Don't be offended, but I really can't believe that." It was true...what gave the boy the right to affect him like this? Nothing. He wasn't even sure why he was trying to spare Simon's feelings, there wasn't a reason too. Not that he could detect anyways. "I fainted... I did, didn't I? I'm a sorry excuse for a demon...no wonder my father kicked me out of the Pit."

"Nice wings..."Baein complimented, eyeing them over with a might be smile on his face.He liked wings...his own he never revealed for fear of ridicule, much preferring to change into a beast with less...more finer wings then he.

Rolling his eyes Simon said, "I'll tear my soul apart if I ever do, I swear it on… you…." Yes, Simon, great eloquence. He giggled at the compliment about his wings, however, crawling up to the other and sitting Indian style beside him. "I do love them, they are more plain then others I have seen back home though, you see, every Angel has a pair of wings different then all the rest of us and each pair of wings carries their own scent as well." He smiled happily but shivered as light zephyr tip-toed across his flesh.

"T-though I do get c-cold because my shirt always t-tears ap-part," he chattered, hugging his knees to his chest.

Body reacting faster then his brain could process, Baein shifted into a beautiful, if rangy tiger, curling his body round the angel's.

Once his mind had caught up with his primal instincts,Baein shuddered. Ah well...he couldn't help it. Demon fathers, basically all demon males had more 'maternal' instincts then the females, seeing as the women just produced the offspring while the males raised them. And Simon -unfortunately for Baein- was tapping into these instincts, as well as others.

Joyous hell.

Instantly regretting his action, the demon sighed, baring his fangs in an attempt to stop the corn from tattling. God...why did he do this? For all his thoughts, he made no move to change position.

Simon giggled with surprise, stroking the others neck and spine; he kept it feather-light however. He didn't want the poor demon to become frightened of him yet again. "So, you can touch me out of your human form, I suppose," he said, more to himself then Baein. He closed his eyes lazily and let himself fall loosely into the tiger that was Baein. "You're soft," he cooed, hands still dancing over the fur.

"Thanks… I knew you weren't as bad as you tried to look." Taking a large breath and sighing in content he spoke so only Baein could hear. "What would you say if I told you I could give you back your ability to touch?"

The tiger looked up, blue eyes even more out of place but sparkling with malice, fear and small hope. (What of it? What can you possibly do?) Baein asked, even his mental voice guarded. All demons had the ability to talk mind to mind, but few could read what was not directed at them. Only because of my pelt Simon, not for any other reason.

Soft? Ugh...His tail twitched in simmering anger, not exactly liking to be described as "soft and not 'bad' Not how a demon-especially the spawn of Satan should be called. Especially by an angel, even if it was his so called guardian.

The use of telepathy made Simon jump, but he quickly settled back down into Baein's comfortable coat, nuzzling his face into the creak of the tiger's neck. ((No, your human hair is even softer then this.)) The childremembered fondly. ((Anyway, Angel's are all given one power from their day of birth. Mine, for the most part, would be considered weak but in this case I believe it could be useful.)) He sent feelings of reassurance through the link along with his message.

Curling into Baein's heat even further, he awaited his answer… and perhaps an answer to this strange feeling in his chest would be given as well. Never before had he ever felt his head and heart so light, and if anyone had described this to him he would have thought it to sound unpleasant. This feeling was wondrous and comforting though, and he knew its origin came from close contact with Baein.

(All demons can speak to others in their minds, just usually not read thoughts not directed at them. Unfortunately, I have no skill in thought deciphering. It would be useful...Other then that I can only shape shift. I'm an abomination to Lucifer because of this.) Repressing a shiver; he stopped that staccato beating of his tail on the dry, warm ground. Baein actually liked the prickly feeling of the grass, so nice on his coat.

(You shant hold me in suspense much longer I hope. I need touch, not just a faint feeling through a thick, striped pelt. I thrive on feeling; nerve ends sharpened needle-fine. I fear if you do not inform me how to cure it, I shall die and fall into oblivion.)

Simon eyes widened, taking the prediction as truth and not as the overly dramatic thing it was. ((Well, I was given the ability to bless or curse any object of mater. And well… I could bless you with the ability to touch another without the searing pain you feel.)) He looked Baein's tiger form in his eyes as he said each word through their link, scratching the other behind the ear. ((And also, what do you mean "abomination to Lucifer"? You seem perfectly capable to me.)) he thought, blinking.

A9bomination? Shape shifting is a weak power in hell...Much better to controls souls and elements then to change form. What is the use of being a lion if you can simply get torn apart by winds or eaten by a raging soul?) the tiger snorted -as much as a tiger could anyways. (What is the catch Simon? Certainly if you bless me that would limit my access into hell. I cannot be denied that...Is there a catch? Baein asked curiously, elongating his body in a large stretch. I still don't see what...)

"Still don't what Baein?" Simon asked aloud. Pulling away from the other and wrapping his silver wings around his small frame. "There is no catch, their will never be, and shape shifting is no weak power, for can't you simply shift into a phoenix with more magic then any mortal? Now tell me you "still don't know what…?"

Reluctantly, the youth morphed into his humanoid form, brushing hair from his eyes. "See why you still dog me. Guardian, yes, I know...but I still don't see why you're bothering."

Sighing, Baein stood up and stretched, slouching over to sit away from the angel. Much as he liked contact, the sensations he got with this boy made him feel strange. The bad thing was he wasn't altogether sure he didn't want them.

"What do you mean 'Why am I bothering?' You're my partner, Baein. I can't ever leave you and I won't ever want to. I have only known you for less then an earthen day but I now know why Guardian Angels barely ever return. Their partners are more interesting then anything their." Simon knew "interesting wasn't the best choice of words but he knew no other way to put it.

"Now," Simon said quietly, extending his hand to Baein, only halfway however, "do you want to be able to touch my hand without your afflictions or not? I can break any hold Satan has over you if you will it, Baein."

His wary eyes traveled from Simon, to the hand, then back to Simon. "Interesting am I?" he muttered, more to himself then the being before him. "Does this mean I have to be...?" Baein paused, closing his eyes in surrender. "...nice? I guess if I must. Seeing as I might as well get used to you if you're going to be hounding me..."

Sighing in resignation, Satan's son extended his hand, fingertips barely brushing against the pure hand before him. Sinned and tainted as he was...redeemed he could be.

Grabbing at the demons hand greedily he held it to his chest, upon his rapidly beating heart. "Not if you don't want to…" Simon smiled teasingly. His wings retracted into his back slowly, it was more as if they faded actually, nearly ghost-like. They were more energy then substance.

Closing his violet eyes and holding the other's hand clenched tightly in both hands Simon began to hum softly. The small golden ankle-bracelet began to glow once again only now it enveloped not only the Angel's entirety but Baein's as well. Raising the larger boys hand to his face in a smooth and slow motion he pressed his lips delicately on the others skin.

The glow faded and Simon returned the Shifter's hand to him. "Done," he smiled. "Now, whatever could you have done to receive such a curse? From your own father no less?"

Baein just stared. Mouth slack, eyes wide and shocked, he slowly placed his hand in his lap, unconsciously rubbing the place where the other's warm lips had so daintily touched his amber skin.

"That is not a weak power Simon..." He whispered, not moving from his tensed position. Azure eyes closed as he finally sat back on his heels, bowing his head in awe. "I see now why we fear your kind. Celestials... We can never reach your perfection. The stars truly are too good for are sinful hearts..."

Blinking back his astonishment, he stood, wavering in the air a few moments. "So I can touch now?" Looking down at the younger boy curiously, he kneeled in front of him, clasping their hands together and lacing their fingers in a symbol of faithful and unbreakable bond.

The corn stalks rubbed and whispered together, talking quietly amongst themselves at this first happening. The sun glared down, the heavy heat making the crickets and grasshoppers hum as bees swirled off in the distance.

Azure skies so blue and clear, the hue matching perfectly with the demon's eyes.

Dipping down slightly, he touched his lips to the smaller youth's in a timid, ginger kiss.


Simon stared at the other, blushing heavily under the look of awe he was receiving from the other. It had been no large feet, what he had just done but Baein seemed bewitched and impressed by his power and although it was sinful to do so, Simon let the impression of his being powerful linger for just a bit longer.

He smiled through his blush however, when he felt his partner's hand clasp his. Turning his face up towards the boy who had just kneeled very close to him he was about to break the strange notion Baein seemed to have of him… but stopped as his lavender eyes met bright azure. They were alive with something he had never before seen and he found himself unable to look away…

Before he knew it Baein was against him, not reaching for his other hand or even holding him close in thanks. Baein's soft lips were placed against his. Simon's head went fuzzy as well as his heart. He stopped those emotions however, those seemed to be more dangerous then the ones he had been experiencing before. What was Baein doing anyway? Did he think he had to return the favor of his blessing… he didn't think Baein could bless another creature.

Pulling his head back, Simon cocked his head in question at the other. "What are you doing?"

"....." Baein looked hurt if anything -though he was trying to keep his face blank more then anything else. Not that that was working. Pulling away and almost tripping over his unwieldy human legs, he shifted into a hare and hopped safely over to the other side of the flattened clearing of the corn field where he morphed again.

Bringing his knees to his chest, the larger youth frowned, eyeing the other with clear malice in his eyes.

"What am I doing?" Baein spat, curved fangs now prominent as his anger grew. "I was kissing you, you moron! I knew angels were idiotic but this surpasses anything..." The demon was obviously now retreating into his mask of rudeness. "God! If you didn't like it just slap me or something. Don't act so ignorant! Everybody knows what that is!" In his experience yes. It was true. No one he had met had not known about bodily pleasure, so he assumed angels were no different.

A bit mournful,Baein forcibly pushed the emotion from his mind, replacing it with much wanted resentment. He was trying to be nice. Plus the damned angel was so beautiful...much too lovely for his own good.

Simonhad done it again hadn't he? He had messed everything up again, apparently he was supposed to keep his lips to Baein's, but why? Why was Baein doing this? What sort of strange demon custom was the Shifter practicing on him? We wished Michael had told him more about the species…

Crawling submissively over to Baein and stopping a few feet short of him he bowed his head. "I'm sorry, I didn't know… I was just surprised. I've never seen that happen before. No one ever told me about it. P-please don't h-hate me…" Simon shut his mouth now for his throat was too constricted to speak any longer; he realized water was leaking from his eyes too. 'I'm crying,' he thought. 'I've never done that before… I don't like crying… why is everything so confusing here? I want to go home…'

Simonstared in fascination for an instant, watching the crystalline tear roll down his cheek and fall safely onto a jagged blade of grass. Shaking his head and ridding his eyes of more water he stared at Baein again, deciding that even when his eyes were narrowed upon his frame they were still frightened… and had just become Simon's favorite color.

"I'll do it again if you want me to… could you just tell me why we're doing it, please?" he whispered. The thought of the demon's lips against his against his yet again made himperk-up slightly, but terrified him all the same. Why?

"You've never seen it happen?!" Baein snapped, more in wonderment then in malice. "Angels don't show affection? They never touch, never kiss? That was called a kiss by the way." Just in case....Nnn... This was embarrassing.

"I don't hate you per say...you're just amazingly annoying sometimes. Especially since you know nothing at all. I suppose virgins are fun though..." Mm... Probably shouldn't have said that, but the boy most likely didn't know what a virgin was.

"Don't cry..."

Pulling the angel onto his newly available lap, he absently stroked Simon's pale hair, cradling the slender frame to his chest. "Really. You're just too innocent for you own good. Need to be a bit sinful...if you're going to be staying with me."

"Now a kiss? It shows affection, gratitude...a physical gesture for pleasure. Gratitude in my case. As well as a test to see if I could touch again without being burned."Baein wanted to make it clear it wasn't affection, though his actions somewhat cancelled out his words.

So… he was just showing gratitude…? Odd custom but he accepted it for what Baein said it was. Things were still bothering him though… Leaning back into his partner he sighed in content he said "Well, I've never been anything but what I am so if I need to change I must be educated." Lacing his small fingers with the longer digits of his partner he smiled. It seemed Baein enjoyed touch and Simon decided it must have been some reassurance thing. He didn't believe Lucifer could have ever rally been affectionate with his children.

"Anyway, no I've never seen anything like that we put our lips on another only for a blessing or to comfort a new soul, but never on another's lips. I never knew it had a name. And yes, we do show affection. We embrace when we see one another and smile at one another. Most of the time though we send thoughts of our fondness for a person into their mind, it's the most practical and honest way."

Playing with Baein's golden hand he paused again before speaking. "So, I suppose a virgin is someone who has never kissed, right? And I'm glad you don't hate me."

"Not....exactly." He finally uttered, detaching his hand only to mess it through the angel's hair. "Frankly, I think your place is much too stringent. Hugs! Really! How do you guy reproduce?" With a snort, he shook his head, pushing his jagged hair back out of his eyes, more in frustration with the cloud dwellers then his actual appearance. "Do you guys not have se-" For some odd reason, he didn't want to corrupt the boy just yet. Him and his stupid, new ethics. God damn this angel was rubbing off on him in a bad way!

Sighing, Baein dropped his head, resting it on the Celestial's. "I'd be happy to 'educate' you" he purred, brushing a kiss against the smaller's forehead. Oh how his heart switched sides so quickly...

Simon raised an eyebrow. What was he going to ask that they did? "What do you mean "reproduce"?" he asked, feeling the demon once again place his lips on him, though on his hair this time and it was more comforting then last time. He leaned back into the demon, feeling completely secure and warm. He could hear the other purr not only when he spoke but in his chest as well. It vibrated beautifully. "Okay, you can teach me, but do you have a place to stay? I certainly don't and as your guardian I think it's best if we decided to seek shelter then live in this field for the rest of eternity."

"I rather like cornfields..."Baein murmured absently, raising his gaze to the brightening sky. "It will be a great pleasure to teach you." A smirk lit his lips again as he thought of all the wonderful things he could do to occupy them. Mmm....Biting back a laugh, he picked the other up, standing and setting both of them on the ground. "Reproduce? I'll tell you when we get to my loft. So innocent." Shaking his head ruefully, Baein shifted once more-this time into a common city crow.