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On instinct, the demon turned, getting the full effect of Simon's sweet tasting lips. Breaking it reluctantly, he glanced up at Simon, utter confusion swirling in his eyes. "Simon..." He breathed, drawing the other down to the bed, stroking the sun blessed hair. "You don't need to do that if you don't want to. Not that I'm complaining..." He brushed his lips across the cool forehead, marveling at the smoothness of the skin. "Now you woke me up..." Smiling faintly, he ran another hand across the back of the angel's neck, bending down for another kiss.

Simon caught the others lips quickly, not voicing his answer to the question. 'I don't want to but if you'll be happy with me...'

He began to trail his hands down the others sides, starting at the neck and finishing at Baein's hips where he let them linger. Pushing his lips harder against the others he began to stroke Baein where his hands rested. Removing an arm he placed his palm on the demons neck, flirting with his hair.

Baein completely freaked. Eyes wide with the angel's sudden 'willingness', he deepened the kiss, running his tongue along the soft lips of the smaller boy. The massages his hips were getting made his spine tingle, shaking his body lightly. Closing the startled blues, he wrapped up Simon in his arms, tipping his head down a bit for easier access.

Breaking the kiss after it had a good, long run, Baein opened his eyes. "Wow..." Was all the words, or word, he could muster at the moment.

Simon giggled. "So, that was good?" he asked burrowing his head into the creak of Baein's neck. He began to mimic the thing the demon had done also. Running the small pink thing across where his vocal cords ought to be. He stopped though, this was too weird for him; he felt so stupid doing all of this and didn't wish to embarrass Baein any further for the boy could not seem to get a grip on himself.

He settled upon cuddling the other, they were still touching, as Baein liked, but they were not acting as… strange. Running a hand over Baein's stomach he grinned, watching the others chest rise and fall with each sweet breath he took.

"Very good..." He breathed, voice tinged with soft lust he could not quite conceal. Even his eyes were dark with desire...the boy would need to get out of the room soon, else he'd just go crazy.

Rubbing the spot where Simon had licked him, he gazed down at the boy, a silly smile on his face. God he was acting like a fool. The knavish moon who follows the princely sun in hopes of having it's light. It always failed.

"Simon...I...need you to get out of the room for a moment..." The shape shifter gasped, twisting into a feline shape and running to the bathroom. 'Cold shower, cold shower...! I NEED a cold shower!' Shedding his clothes, he jumped into the cool, tiled shower and turned the spray as cold as it could go. It hurt, but it was better then hurting Simon.

Simon stared after the other oddly. Why did he run off all of a sudden? Why did he have to leave? He began to worry, wondering if the other was sick or not… he was certainly acting that way. He rolled off the dark bedding and padded after his partner in the bathroom. He opened the door (he had never really known of the concept of indecency) and walked in. Placing his hand on the shower curtain he called in, "You okay, Baein?"

Baein almost shrieked. 'He can't come in here! Not like this!' Looking down, scarlet infused his cheeks and he hopped, holding the curtain closed. "Get o-out Simon!" The demon ordered, absolutely mortified by the situation. "I'm taking a shower. I'm nude, and I doubt you want to see me! OUT!" Bellowing this, he leaned against the cool tile.

Simon hesitated. He didn't sound alright… "Are you sure…?" he asked, an uneasy expression about his face. The way Baein was acting was far beyond his norm. Did he hurt Baein in anyway? He knew that he was fresh to this "hands-on" type of relationship but he hoped the other wouldn't give up on him for that little mistake. He wondered why Baein didn't want him to see him without clothes… was it bad?

"Yes! I don't see why you want to see me naked, but if you do just throw back the damn curtain!" Baein yelled, scrubbing his hair with the cherry scented shampoo roughly. "You didn't do anything wrong! It was me! You did things waaay to well!" For his first time kissing...Obviously angels weren't so pure. Just thinking about it...ARGH! He wished the shower had a colder setting...

"Mmkay…" muttered Simon, reluctant to leave him. He decided upon perching himself up on the marble counter, next to the sink and wait for Baein to finish his shower thing. He was pensive though… how could he do something so well but make Baein act sick? Did he feel inferior or something… he shook his head outwardly. No, from the little he'd felt he knew Baein was a master at the touching thing. Unknowingly he was tinted crimson at the remembrance.

After Baein scrubbed himself down until his skin was red, he still felt like he had blasphemed. Usually having no problem with that (It was a demon's job after all) Baein felt odd. And tired. Sighing, he turned off the tap, calm now, and stepped out of the shower. And stopped dead. Dripping wet with mahogany hair in his now giant eyes, he stared at the petite angel on the bathroom counter. The demon didn't have a towel.

'I don't have a towel...' Gaping silently for a few moments, Baein ran out, going to the closet to grab some clothes. This seemed like a really bad...sitcom.

Trotting after the demon, Simon was puzzled. "Why'd you runaway?" he asked, reentering the demons bedroom. "You seem to runaway an awful lot."

Plopping down upon the shifters bed and sinking in comfortably, the angel's nose was filled with the spicy scent of Baein. He watched the other scramble for clothes. "Why are you acting so weird?" he voiced. "Did I do something to you?"

"I'm running away because I don't want to hurt you!" Baein yelled, twisting around with only his boxers on. "If you keep kissing, stroking, SITTING! I'll just pounce and defile you. You're an angel. I'm a demon. Tis impossible and against all the laws of our people!" He cried, one hand holding his throbbing head. "I shouldn't have even tried to teach you. You're supposed to be naive and devoid of my tainted touch. Supposed to be pure..." Whispering this sadly, he turned back to the closet, tugging on jeans.

"Your touch isn't tainted," the childish angel whispered. "It's… I don't know the word… but I don't think it's… dirty… in the least." He burrowed his head into his knees as he spoke, knowing that just the fact that he was here was hurting Baein… Sighing deeply he dragged his feet out of his partners room, not even glancing at him.

Upon entering his room Baein shut his door softly, a note of finality radiating from it, before collapsing onto the downy lavender comforters Baein had given him happily only hours ago. He shut his eyes, trying to block out everything. He shouldn't be Baein's guardian…

This wasn't what Baein wanted at all. Muttering a soft curse under his breath, he padded out into the hallway to look about. 'My touch is tainted Simon. My mere presence hurts. Don't you see?' Closing his eyes wearily, he lightly touched that brass door handle, debating whether to go in.

"Simon?" The shifter whispered softly, lightly jarring the door. Stepping heavily towards the bed, he settled feather light upon it, softly stroking his back. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be treating you like this. You've been perfect...I'm just..."

Simon didn't answer. He couldn't, couldn't have Baein like him anymore then might have at that moment, -he- couldn't have himself like Baein anymore then he did at that moment. He wished that the demon would quit rubbing his back… it felt too… too something. Something that wanted to make him crawl right back into Baein's arms. But he knew that he would only hurt the other if he did that. Though every fiber in his being cried against it, Simon coldly shifted away from the other, away from his partner.

Flinching away, the demon turned his head, refusing to let the tears that had gathered, fall. A ragged breath was taken as the demon stood, mournfully walking towards the door. A trembling hand was placed upon the brass knob, and Baein tilted his head, watery blue eyes staring at the angel. 'I'm sorry. I'm sorry I pressed you...'

Swallowing the lump that had made itself comfortable in his throat, the spawn of Satan spoke. "I'm sorry!" Crying this, he ran out of the room. Flinging his door open, he stumbled to his bed, sprawling upon it and crying heavily. "I didn't me-mean it! Si-Simon I'm so-so sorry..."

Simon refused to let his tears fall, having to convince himself this was for the better. All he appeared to do was displease Baein anyway… he'd forget about him soon. Another angel better suited for his partner… ex-partner… soon tomorrow. Someone who could understand and help Baein… something he obviously couldn't do.

Standing, though he didn't want to, Simon raggedly made his way over to his window, slowly through open the cool glass, and hopped out. He let himself free-fall for a moment before opening up his glorious wings once more and souring into the moonlight. He could still taste the demon on his lips…

Baein's world shattered.

After crying for what seemed like hours, he had fallen into a fitful slumber, waking when dawn's light reached his salt encrusted eyes. Hoping for a better outcome of this day, the shifter wandered out of his room and into Simon's. Not there. A bit of a nervous beat skewed his heart's normal pattern as he searched the apartment top to bottom.

'No. No. NO!' It wasn't until a few minutes later that he realized he was screaming this, sobbing out Simon's name. The angel couldn't have left him...He was his guardian! Blinded by tears, he shifted into a dove-how unsuited for a demon-taking to the skies in search of his partner.
Settling down after a few hours, he hurtled into his humanoid form. Collapsing on the roof he sobbed, his eyes had never been so bloodshot. "Gabrielle I'm sorry. I'M SORRY SIMON!" He screamed, nails digging into his palms and drawing black blood.

Simon shook his head... the ringing in it was deafening... he knew it was because he had left Baein. You were allowed to just decide to leave your partner; no matter how hard any angel tried they could never go far.

Simon landed haphazardly on the roof of a house, just eighty miles outside of the city where Baein dwelled. Where he was supposed to be... He was dizzy though... so very dizzy... He felt demonic energy coming closer... radiating from someone... "Baein!" he thought happily, before surrendering himself to his symptoms, unable to see in his condition that what ailed him would have lightened if his partner truly were there.

Stopping his sobs, Baein smiled. An insane smile. Trembling, he shifted into a spider, crawling down the building before morphing into a domestic house cat. Ambling over, he took a look at the busy street.

'This is my destiny. Getting run over as to cause inconvenience to the humans. Helping them? Maybe I'll be helping a street cleaner earn his wages by scraping up my organs!' Laughing silently, the cat hopped lightly into traffic, standing in the middle of the road and placidly watching an oncoming semi.

Closing his eyes in expectation...no impact. Nothing. Opening the slit eyes, the pupils shrank in fear. His Father...this was worse then any semi. Shivering in expectation once more, the pain was delivered.

(((Well, that's the worst suicide attempt I've ever seen. Both pathetic and stupid… shall I go onto the fact that it didn't work!))) a female's voice cackled inside Baein's head.

Her name was Kizeah, Kizzy for short, and she was an ice demon whose heart was more frozen then any of her powers. She was leaning in the shadows of the brick building Baein had just been moping on, a tiny figure clutched in her tanned arms.

Cold blue eyes turned on Baein's and she shifted the figure around enough to reveal dangling flaxen hair, many shades lighter then Kizzy's tinted strawberry.

(((It was all over him too…))) she thought, laughing.

Lucifer turned, eyeing the female demon with black, bottomless eyes. Jagged red lines flashed across the black pits, no whites showing the merest hint of purity. With a wave of his hand, all four figures were gone, descending into the depths of hell.

Once reaching the bowels of evil, one could get a good look at the tall Master. Long, ebony hair that fell like a waterfall to his slim waist, adorned the pale head of the Demon Prince. A red shirt peeked through a black trench coat like garment that fell to his hips, the tails skewing the air in odd angles. A pale hand threw Baein down, making the boy transform into human shape. "Fa-Father..." He stammered, eyes wide with utter fear.

Turning to Kizeah, Satan spoke. "Girl-child, do not insult my son, you only make yourself a fool. Do not take my rights from me." Voice cold and low, it radiated ancient power, and old blood. "Give the boy to me." Without waiting for a response, he took the boy, dragging him over to Baein. "What shall we do with your pretty, little friend my son? Tear his wings? Your guardian couldn't fly then..." Cackling, he shook Simon slightly, black eyes on the golden face before him.
"No. Don't." He whispered softly, staring up into the face of his father. Their bone structure was the same...if nothing else was. "Rip my wings...Put any punishment for him on me." Swallowing he closed his eyes, awaiting an answer.

Shifting his head, he looked at Simon, a slow, cruel smile forming on his pale, thin lips. "Your wings? Those bags of broken blue? We'll just beat you for compensation..." Throwing him over to Kizeah, he approached his offspring, hands clenching and unclenching.

Taking a deep breath, Baein unfolded his wings, and the sight of the glorious appendages only angered Lucifer further. "Where in high Heaven did you get those?" He sneered, eyes widening as he took in the shining blackness. Striding over, he took Baein's trembling wings in his hands, beginning to break them.

Simon awoke to the most horrible snap he had ever had the displeasure to hear. His eyes were rolling behind their sockets and his stomach was churning with them. Someone was holding him… but he was so cold… Baein had never been this cold. 'Where is Baein!?' he thought in distress, barely able to move his chest up and down to take a much needed breath. It felt as though his lungs were frozen, his heart frozen, even his heart was still it seemed.

He couldn't think, the cracking noise he heard was too overpowering, finally having enough his lavender irises snapped open. Gasping at what he saw, he struggled to get out of the reach of this person's dark and wintry arms.

Baein's brilliant wings, which had been fixed not a few hours ago, were now being torn apart by a tall man who even from the backside of him frightened Simon, he did not think of how scared he was for himself. Baein was in pain; Baein -needed- him, no matter how much the demon disliked him he was going to help. A fire rose inside of Simon's eyes, eclipsing his once bright eyes. He burst from the demoness's hands and the halo glowed golden for not the first time in those past few days but now it flew to Simon's hand, the glowing now harsher and pulsating. No one touched Baein like this.

Reeling his tiny right hand back he whipped his halo forward, hurtling it at his Baein's foe. Not stopping to see if the ring had hit its target he rushed to the demons side, pulling him close and resting his chin on top of the shifter's brow.

"It hurts..." He whispered, sobbing silently as his wings bled. Bones were twisting out of the feathers at odd angles, pinions torn and membranes shredded. Resting his head on the crook of the angel's shoulder, Baein closed his eyes, letting the silent cries wrack his body. "He won't get you though...however he is, he keeps his word. He won't rip your wings."

Letting the platinum tears dangle on his lashes, the boy opened pain-filled eyes to study his father. Lucifer had been injured-the shock shown clearly on the immortal's unlined face. It had burned him on the arm and the neck-though the halo was not spotted by him.

"Thank you Simon..." Baein didn't dare try to retract-try to move his wings for fear of the undying agony that would shoot from his severed cords.

Lucifer eyed the pair coldly, before striding off with his dignity still intact. "Have your friend Baein; just watch your back for Suharu! Go to earth, live lovingly. You are cast from my realm. Penalty of Suharu's affections if caught!" Laughing maniacally, he wandered down a blood soaked stone path, disowning his son in his words.

"I don't care about my wings..." he whispered gently. His golden ring flew back into his hand and decided it would rather be a bracelet then the anklet it had been, Simon took no notice however. Something was bubbling inside him... something horrid. He had never felt this before... this much anger and... some other thing he could not begin to describe, directed at one being. Holding his partner tightly he glared at the retreating figure, the same feeling he had for that... that... -thing-, taking hold of him. Only now it was for himself. He was the one who caused Baein this pain... if he had been their... not been such an over-emotional idiot... then Baein would be better off, and with wings.

Crystal-blue streams sprang to his eyes, he would not cry here though, not in front of that idiot demon and Baein.

Through all of the agony that afflicted the small one he still held on to Baein tightly, stroking the others temple and sides... he would fix this when they were out of harms way.

Kizeah snorted, such affection was for fools. Could that blubbering demon -truly- be the son of Lucifer? She thought not... Rolling her eyes and deciding to get the smeller's attention, and didn't go about it nicely.

Upon reaching the pair Kizzy kicked Simon, hard. "Moronic, fool. You will never see a night of peace again thanks to your act of idiocy," she growled, narrowing her gaze further when she saw Simon not flinch or speak, just sit their and hold his "partner".

At the kick, Baein snarled savagely, shifting then and there for all his shattered wings. Morphing into a large tiger-which seemed to be one of his preferred shapes, he made himself twice as large as the wild cat. Standing over Simon protectively, broken feathered appendages still hanging at his side, he growled. Azure eyes gleaming with the very fires of hell, he leapt at the other-showing he wasn't a 'blubbering demon', as she had thought.

Claws sliced from his pads, aimed directly at the rather frigid demon, and he tackled her to the ground, a paw over her wind pipe. "Don't cross me Kizeah. I am still the son of Lucifer."

Kizzy rolled her eyes and though her voice was strained, she answered. "Don't fool yourself, Baein. You are nothing in his eyes, and for all the power you claim to have all you can do is tackle me to the ground as if I were some throw pillow. Tell me, do you really believe you can conquer someone more worthy then yourself of standing in Lord Lucifer's presence? You truly are delusional... first falling for an angel..." she stopped, smiling savagely. All she had to do was bring the temperature down and both the angel's and Baein's blood would freeze...

"Baein! Don't hurt her!" Simon cried, running over to the two and trying to pull the large tiger off the demoness.

Snapping he lightly shoved the other off him with a gentle whack of a paw. "None of your business why I have. Really? I'm nothing? I'm the only heir he has, and he can't have anymore." He informed, voice superior in tone, looking down to her like she was mentally challenged. "Who are you? An ice demon? One of his blind minions? Ha!" Snarling, he batted her head none too gently. "Oops! Wasn't supposed to tell that little fact that he is sterile. Mummy got a bit mad."

Snarling, he ripped into her skin with his claws, before going to her throat with his teeth bared.

Simon gaped; Baein was… tearing this girl's throat apart… He'd never seen a more horrific sight.

Baein had killed someone who was in no position to fight back… who hadn't harmed him…

Shaking his head he blocked all of his negative thoughts of Baein's actions back, and stepped back as well. He waited in silence for his partner to stop; hating the sight of blue blood leaking sloppily across the ground.

Not only that though… Baein had hurt him, not badly mind you but… it was emotionally scarring. 'I won't speak unless asked to,' he decided soberly in his mind, closing his ears mentally to block out the sound of tearing flesh.

Baein shifted into human form, rolling off the icy body and standing rather shakily. Shivering with cold, he wiped the blue that oozed from his mouth, spitting out the rotted taste. Making his way over to the other, eyes pleading.

"I had to Simon...She was hurting you. She couldn't hurt you!" He gasped, doubling over and falling to his knees. "I had to..." Groaning, he stood again, reaching out to the other timidly. "I'm sorry...I didn't hurt you did I?" Flicking blue stained hair out of his face, he bit his bottom lip, retracting his wings with a sickening crunch. "Let's go..."

Simon winced at the sound and took the others hand firmly, stroking it with his thumb to reassure the other that all was forgiven. Baein was only trying to protect him and even if he disapproved, Baein reacted the only way he knew how. Before they went he had to ask... "Who is Suharu?" be asked blinking up at the other in question.

"Suharu?" He asked dazedly, leaning on the little angel for support. "Suharu... Not a nice demon to say the least. Master of Nightmares; one of the Arch demons who has it out for me. Very attractive I must say..." Shaking his head, he continued, bronze face going deathly pale. "Nightmares, torture, rape. His 'affections' you do not want, nor his attention. High heaven couldn't stop him if you caught his fancy...I have. Father stopped him-barely, for the sake of blood only. Now..." He left it dangling, the words obvious though unsaid.

Throwing Baein's dangling arm around him he nodded, not entirely pleased that this demon had taken a liking to his. Simon gazed up at the tired face of -his- partner, holding him even closer. "Don't worry Baein; he can't lay a hand around me while I'm with you."

He stared down for a moment in shame before meeting Baein's eyes again. "I know it was wrong of me to leave you. Please forgive me. I was… not right in the head. You seemed to not want me around. It seemed I was making you crazy and… well my job was… -is- to make sure you are okay in every aspect of your life."

He blushed before continuing.

"Even if I have wronged you… will you let me be your angel again?"

Blinking, his worn mind processed the angel's words finally. "You weren't making me crazy! I was just...astounded by your innocence; it is not something encountered by anyone, especially the likes of me, everyday." Hugging the other close, he was careful not to touch him too much, for the angel seemed reluctant for the action. "I won't forgive you for there is nothing to forgive. Mark it down to ignorance on both are parts. As to answer the last query...certainly." Not the most eloquent of speeches, but it made do in this situation. "Don't suppose you can get us out of hell Simon?" He asked hopefully, shrinking into a less painful Neko form. He liked copying other demons...

"Er... well if you could tell me how we got here I might be able to do something..."
He stroked the others new fur in thought. He knew for certain that they were in another space-time... but which one? Cocking an eye around the... place... he began to try and feel out its energy signature. He knew at least a few of the different planes auras...

"Never mind Simon..." He groaned tiredly, waving a hand around in a careless motion. Soon, they were back in Baein's apartment, his bedroom to be exact. He just hadn't wanted to expend the needed energy to transport them to this different plane-trying to focus on the difficult task of healing. Hissing in pain, the youth morphed back into human form and shook out his broken and defiled wings, flopping onto his stomach on the delightfully plush bed.

Simon stared at his feet bashfully, "Sorry… I'm used to be useless but I guess you aren't yet…"

"Now… I must fix your poor wings for a second time… I think I may fall asleep yet again, though," he said sighing and crossing the room. He lay beside the other, also on his stomach; a soothing hand reached out and began to stroke the poor boys back and the base where Baein's light-blue down sprouted from his skin.

"What monster could ever do this to things of this beauty…?" he murmured in a false sense of wonder.

"Dear daddy could..." He murmured, letting the wonderful, cool hands soothe his aching back. "No need to do it yet...they're better off twisted. I can shift into a bird for flight...I don't need pretty wings..." Sighing in resignation, he gripped the bed sheets, trying to force the now gruesomely warped bones and feathers back into his back.

Seeing the others struggle, Simon grabbed his chin and turned it towards him before the other could retract his feathers even further. "I can't let you go on like this, sorry," he smiled. The golden glow enveloped the pale boy and he took his lips and planted them on Baein's cheek, gold encasing the demon as well.

Sighing in content his eyes rolled back and he fell on the sponge-like bed without even a thud. He did murmur something before darkness completely veiled his sight.

"My Baein…"

Nodding softly, he closed his eyes as well. "Your Baein." The shifter descended, now numb from the amber light that had swam through his veins on its mission of regeneration.

Smiling softly, he turned on his side- careful of his wings- to hold the unconscious angel. While Simon may not want it...he did. And whatever comforted his inner turmoil was what the demon wanted. So, Simon was the obvious choice. "Your Baein..." He muttered, closing his exhausted eyes as well when the dark arms of sleep embraced him.