can't she be safe

holding out for tonight

vigil with mute candlelight

cinnamon and rosemary

under the moon, she appears only as a nymph, a fairy

but her mind

keeps skipping, all the time

her books keep her occupied

her music, too

try as she may

she can't keep her mind off you

and the boy that fared her well

a long time ago, before there was a heaven or a hell

he had hair like midnight

his skin was wallpaper white

but she isn't doing well herself, not quite.

i wondered about her

i wondered about her a lot

in the midst of an unrelenting hailstorm

the two of us were caught.

we clung to each other in the weather

hopelessly stuck, uneven together

playing out sad hymns as the sky grew worse

both of us twiddling our thumbs, minding our jaded curse

until one day she faded away

and as tried as i may

she just wouldn't reappear

trashing everything i once held dear.

but maybe she's over now, over and done with anyhow

keeps repeating invisibly through the threads of time

but these mismangled words will just never rhyme

rendered me useless in the unsympathetic moonlight

how the tangerine girl with the cumbersome ax could get nothing right.