Do you know I try my best

On whatever I fail to do

But despite my efforts

I can never ever beat you!

Always with a hundreds

Perfectly in first place

Hardly ever a failure

I cannot see your face!

- x -

So quit your brotherly lectures

You're 8 years younger than me

You know nothing of my life

Or any of my pleas,

Keep your nose to yourself

Don't dare step in my room

Quit talking so damn loud

My head just goes ka-boom!

- x -

I'll always keep my head away

Wishing tears to flow

Hoping they can look at me

And know things they don't know,

I want them to praise me too

Even if I'm not my best

So what if I don't get hundreds

I TRY in all the rest!

Just because I don't say much

It doesn't mean I want to

There's things I can't let out, you know

for if you knew it hurts too.

That is way I avoid his presence

He really is too much

He begs and begs such attention

I wish my life was just!

It always hurts and makes me mad

When he steals and interrupts

Believing he's the king of show

He truly has gone nuts!

If I cannot stop this mess

Who knows what life will be

Broken family, broken hearts

Damn sibling rivalry!

A/N: dedicated to a dear, 8 year old brother of mine.