A being of the undead,

prowling thru centuries of old.

Filled wif an insatiable thirst,

a greed no one can satisfy.

A shadow of the dark,

with whispers, "Open up ur veins to me, my dear."

A craving for love and to be loved,

the burning desire to drag more souls down.

Love me, be like me. Kiss me and I'll give you life.

The comfort of the earthly smell,

eternal rest in a tomb covered with dust.

Wonders of the changing world,

in fleeting time the present became the past.

The desire for emotions,

to cry,

to laugh.

Yet, the heart is cold like ice.

Hold me, and I'll satisfy your desires. Give me your blood, and I'll give you pleasures.

Sweet, sweet dreams.

Churning darkness providing comfort like a soft blanket.

The rays of the sunlight seared like white-hot iron.

Wif beauty enhanced through years by the blood,

the undead lived on...