Devil's Advocate

The cries of pain, ceasing to that of an end
But to what retribution, to what scars will mend?

Hatred wavering, disentangling fates amass
What storm, what apocalypse may have yet to come to pass?

Darkened pathways; nowhere left to begin
Gone away, swept away by the merciless wind

What forlorn, catalytic notions, submission to the devil's deeds;
Tantalizing, yet yearning for freedom, how easily he recedes

To what hope of salvation; of what holy rites?
Ascension towards that of Nirvana or the chasms of the atrocious night?

The breaths of the immortal that cannot die
Deathless souls-; eternal requiem of the descending sky

Crucifixion, cadaverous sacrifices to the devil's afflictions
The endowment of life, perpetuity-, the repercussion of resurrection

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection into eternal life….


(March 18, 2005 1:32 AM)

End Notes: I finished my homework at eleven something and I started writing this and as you can see, it took me a long time to write.... Um...inspired by Reiko's poem I guess. The last line is from the book of common prayers, but 'Ashes to ashes, dust to dust' is partially because of the manga Diabolo's influence. Feh. Nothing interesting here.