Coming Back To You by writerforever

When You first came into my heart

I was joyful and happy

I was full of peace and hope

And all I wanted to do was serve You

And worship You

But then hard times came

And I faced many trials and troubles

And I failed You miserably

And I didn't think You would want me anymore

The devil came by and said

"You'll never make it through"

And instead of trusting You, Jesus,

I listened to the devil's voice

Now here I am, suffering

And I am in a mess that I placed myself in

For so long now I have been afraid

Afraid to speak of You, Lord

Afraid of telling of Your love to my lost friends

Sometimes afraid to admit that I am an old-fashioned Christian

For fear of being taunted and ridiculed

But Lord, I long to come back to You

Please forgive me for doubting You

Please forgive me for being ashamed of Your ways

Please forgive me for compromising

Please forgive me

For Lord, without You I am lost and lonely

Without You I cannot face another day

Without You my life and dreams are meaningless

Without You my heart and soul is empty

Help me to come back to You

I want to tell people of Your greatness

But most of all I want to tell them of Your love

Please help me to come back to You