Never thought that

never forever

Never thought that

this could happen,

that the past could fade

into the future,

making me struggle, struggle, fail.

Never thought that

there would be such a

dull ache in my heart,

for tomorrow to see,

and yesterday to whisper about.

Never thought that my control

could be ursurped by emotions,

leaving me vulnerable,

a hollow shell,

brimming with longing.

Never thought it would hurt;

the pain is bittersweet, tangy,

salt on wounds,

the taste of blood,

so strong.

Never thought that I would be here,

that I would stand,

numbed by the tens of thousands

of emotions,

bow and leave.

Never thought that

the final act would be over

without me in it,

left in the sidelines,


Never thought that I

would be sitting in the audience

staring at the curtains drawn down,

when everybody else,

has left.

Never thought that

I would have to stand,

and hobble out

on unreliable legs,

collapsing in turn.

Never thought that the lone light,

would become dimmer

and dimmer,

until the sun sets on me,

and I am left in darkness.

Never thought that

the fleeting farewell

of the chance for goodbyes

would pass me by


Never thought that

I would walk into the night,

one step in front of the other,

slowly, slower,

waiting for the sun to rise-