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"I don't think I can do this!!"

Someone grabs my hands, and squeezes tightly.

"Yes you can. Breathe. In and out. Good girl," Mom says. I shake my head.

"I can't." I tell her, exhausted beyond belief.

"Yes you can. I know you can. Come on, dear, push."

Spots dance in front of my eyes, my nails digging into my hands, or someone else's hands, it all feels the same.

"Stella, if I can do it, you totally can." Madison says. I don't know how she can be so obnoxious, especially at a time like this, but she pulls it off.

"Shut up." I tell her as a nurse, midwife, I don't know, checks my stats again.

"We're ready now," says my doctor. "You have to start pushing on.. three, two one."

Someone screams, quite possibly me.

"One more time, we're almost there!" Doctor yells again.

This time, I'm fairly sure I don't scream but somone is crying. And then I realise that it's my baby that's making the noise.

A little pink bundle is put into my arms.

"Oh my god. Did I do that?" I ask, momentarily stunned.

"Yes you did," Mom says, wiping her eyes. "You have a girl!!"

"Oh my god. I have a girl." I repeat.

"We have a girl." Matt corrects me. "And the doctor says you did brilliantly."

I nod, feeling incredibly tired now.

A nurse comes along. "Have you named her yet?"

Matt nods. "Emily."

The nurse smiles. "Emily Ryder. That's beautiful."

"She's beautiful."

"We're going to check her and put her in the Baby ward."

I reluctantly relinquish my hold on her. "Be careful with her."

"Where's Abbey?" I ask sleepily.

"She's outside with Cate and the twins. Ryan's there too." Matt tells me.

"Can they come in?" I ask.

"And you need your rest." The doctor tells me. "Your immediate family can stay, everyone else can come back tomorrow."

"We'll be back," Mom says. "Get some rest."

She and Madison leave, Cate comes in for a quick hug and then quickly goes when one of her twin boys starts to fidget.

Abbey appears at my side.

"Hi Mommy." She says soloemly. "Are you okay now?"

"I'm fine, sweetie."

"I saw the baby when they took her past me!" She says, a little more excited. "They said it was a girl, just like me!!"

I laugh at her obvious delight.

"Can I stay with Mommy tonight? Please, Daddy?" Abbey tugs on Matt's shirt.

"Of course you can," I answer for him. He sits her in his lap and she tells me stories about what she did in school and about her friends and teachers.

"That's wonderful." I tell her.

"Yes. I want to sleep now." She announces and closes her eyes. I smile at her through heavy eyes.

"Good night," She murmers sleepily.

"Night," I say. Matt lays her down on a makeshift bed, and covers her with his jacket.

"How are you feeling?" He asks me.

"Tired." I tell him. He smooths the hair out of my face and carefully kisses my cheek.

"Get some sleep. Love you. " He tells me and pulls up my sheets.

"Mmm. Love you too." I say as I drift off.

the real, final end

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