Lost faith

I fell in love,

And though my jaded heart still had trouble believing,

I felt my spirit glowing at every remembrance

But as time went by,

So did the joy

I felt nothing but despair

We drifted apart,

As I had predicted before

I am filled with sorrow

I can do nothing

But watch us grow farther apart

My heart bleeds in misery

We had a lovely future,

We were honest

Caring, sweet and considerate

But it wasn't enough

You said 'have faith'

How could I when it doesn't exist

I don't know for sure

What will happen between us

And I am afraid to know

Perhaps we will build a bridge

Between this ever increasing gap

Or maybe we will let it grow

The thought of you alone

Brings a pain to my heart

I thought I would never feel again

I don't know if I want to keep trying

I'm not sure it's worth the hurt

Not if I feel it every minute of every day

I've risked so much for this, for us

I've lied a million lies

I've hid uncountable facts

But tell me now baby,

Was it worth it

Knowing it would end how I predicted

Sadly I can do nothing but wait

Wait for the absolution I know wont come,

Wait in vain for you to hold me again

I feel you slipping from me

I can hope no more

I have lost faith