Time to Go

My heart is telling me to stay here

But my mind is telling me to go

In a moment I won't be here

If you need me let me know

You know that I still love you

But you have to know

I don't want to say goodbye now

But its time for me to go

I don't want to let this end

It has brought me too much joy

Too many nights when all I could do was smile,

Lying awake until the sun rose over the roof tops

The thought of losing you becomes so unbearable

That everything else fades away

My tears rolling down my face

My heart bleeds with pain, and I have nothing left

You are all I want, but fate has torn us apart

The same way that she brought us together

I want to be in your arms,

I want my lips under yours

My skin under your touch

I want my heart to race the way it does in your embrace

I need to feel your love again

But it is over…its time for me to go