My Beautiful Memory

The amazing pleasure I feel

As I surrender to your lips and touch

My mind swirls and I am free

The uncountable sensations

My eyes close and my heart races

There is nothing I could ever want more

Your kisses leave me breathless, your touch - a path of flames

My head spins with a dizziness

That leaves me faint for days

But while this ecstasy rolls through me

I am hit with another idea

That while this all feels so right…perhaps it is not

We are not the same culture

Religion, tribe, or family structure,

Same upbringing, style or even age

We both come from different lives

And are both headed towards our own

We hold onto a relationship that has no real meaning

We long for a future that does not exist

No promises can be made,

No plans we can ever carry out

You hold nothing for me,

Except perhaps the memory of your soft lips

Your sweet caress, passionate eyes and beautiful laugh

I ask myself again, while this all feels so wonderfully right,

So meant to be, so natural and God-given,

Why do I hold a sliver of regret in my heart?

Perhaps we are in a dream, our naivety blinding us

Even though we both love being in this relationship

We can not make this work

We will hold on as long possible,

But it will eventually fade into nothing

And I wish so much that it wouldn't

I know I am falling in love with you

And the irony of it all leaves me empty with bitterness

I want you with all my heart

But fate will not let it be so

Our days together will grow farther and farther apart

And soon, all we'll have of each other is a beautiful memory