Once upon a time,

A girl lived in a kingdom.

Wasn't she a slave

For that mean old queen?

Well one day, the queen

Sat down to her dinner

(She had the servants cook it);

Boy, oh boy,

Wouldn't you know,

That she would try,

But not succeed,

To take over?

Well, the queen

Had everyone looking out for her,

But she knew she couldn't trust a soul.

She had the cooks sneaking up on slaves,

And slaves peeking at children,

And children watching their parents intently,

While the parents had their eyes on the cooks.

But wouldn't you know,

That they all came together

And discussed the queen's doings.

Her servants dirtied everything,

While her cooks poisoned the food

And the children lied to her,

And parents fought violently with her.

And finally she died, on her bedroom floor,

From something unknown.

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