A light through my clouds

If you ask me the question
I won't give you the answer
I've got a shell
To keep you away
And out of my space
And far from my clear sad skies

As dark as a rain cloud in the skies
Covering the sun, yet the sun does not question
The cloud taking away the space
Of the sun, for the cloud will not answer
And it will just drift away
As I drift in my shell

There have been no cracks in my shell
Not until you brought sunshine to my skies
Where I could not push you away
Because you asked me that question
And I could not answer
And you crept into my space

And you stayed in my space
With me in my shell
And I didn't know the answer
To why I let you see my skies
And even if you ask the question
I will not drift away

From you, I have no reason to drift away
I grow accustomed to you in my space
As we stay here, I will not question
The cracks you left in my shell
Because of the light you bring to my skies
I do not care to know the answer

But now I wish to know the answer
As you slowly drift away
As the clouds return to my skies
Why you came to my space
Through the cracks in my shell
But I did not question

Why you left my space and my cracked shell
And you left my questions without an answer
And you leave my skies and slowly drift away