Her eyes are cold and blue with stife

Her heart is whet for better life

But this child is living my quiet dream

Her hair is thick and brushed aside

Her tears are where realities collide

But this child's never heard me scream

Her confusion's so invisible

Beneath her demeanor, invincible

She's where I was before my soul grew old

If she only knew, I think

Her cheeks so youthful and so pink

Are smiling when my world is harshly cold

She's a thousand laughs I never knew

She's a silver lining when I am blue

She's paddling her canoe upon a lake

Her heart is steady, but it wants so much

She wishes for her own good luck

While my ship upon the stormy seas will break

She's dying to grow up, it seems

She's tearing at her childhood seams

But I've traveled to every place inside my head

Her pain and joy are unashamed

It's everything to her, she's claimed

This life she breathes to me when I am dead