Finally Free

Gleaming high in the sky
Like a looming ominous eye
The round mellow yellow moon
Peeking out from at the swathes of mist
Like a small child in hiding

But there's no hiding for the unfortunate
As spears of midnight light pierce bare skin
And the howling cry penetrates the night
Skin turning to hide
Bones shifting
Body condensing
Back arching
Muscles reforming
Mouth and nose elongating
Hands and feet converting to paws
Senses sharpening
And all the while he cries of pain
Human cries of pain lowering to menacing snarls

Opening great golden almond eyes
Rising on four powerful legs
Large ears flicking back in qualm
Uncertain at first
Before howling in triumph
At the scent of nearby forests and prey
At the sight of the midnight world untainted by man
At the rush of exhilaration of new sense
As he races across the fields
On four powerful legs of a wolf
With a pride and joy he has never felt before

For he is finally free