"Ask Yourself" By Cassandra Freiborg 3/20/05

Breath in the heartbeat,

smell the tear stained face,

walk the path that just might be,

a forgotten ancient place.

Feel the waking water,

see the wind in your hair,

let your heart fly free tonight,

allow it to repair.

Ask yourself if you've ever,

slept outside on the grass,

never really caring,

how much time had passed.

And tell yourself you'll never,

again feel this way,

convince yourself that you disterve,

a loving place to stay.

Learn to never loose,

every feeling in your heart,

the times that make you whole,

dreams, hurts, love, are all a part.

Ask yourself if you try to hard,

to convince yourself to smile,

if you ever need someone to be there for you,

just pick up the phone and dial.

And maybe this is all a dream,

in the morning you'll awake,

it may have been imagined,

but there's something that you'll take.

Maybe it will be a feeling,

like being smothered in dust,

or maybe the warmth,

of recieving someone's trust.

Or perhaps even something more,

dreams hold the future of our souls,

what life has in store for us,

is for the fates to know.

I think for now I'll forget about it,

maybe go walk out in the rain,

forget about any time,

that there was ever any pain.

So think that you were dancing,

swimming in a pool of light,

lay down and close your eyes,

and let your dreams take flight.