Molly By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It was on the Twentith day of March that a poor young naked woman had stepped out of the dark woods with the look of total fear in her eyes and started walking on a nearby road,just in time for her to be spotted by Michael Stewart,a handsome science fiction writer who has been out for a relaxing nightly drive.

After he had stopped his car and gotten out of it,a concerned Michael had taken a large blanket out of the trunk,walked over to the poor girl and wrapped the blanket around her nude body,just before he had looked at the expression of fear on her face and asked her where had she come from.

But then,just as she was about to give him an answer to his question,a large glowing object had appeared from out of nowhere and hovered over Michael and the girl,which had caused the girl to point to the massive object,allowed a smile to appear on her lips and said,"Go bye-bye."

Then,after the enormous craft had zoomed up into outer space,the girl had looked at her rescuer and asked,"I go home now?"

That had caused a confused Michael to go on the internet and discovered that a little toddler girl named Molly Sunsout had suddenly disappeared after the same spacecraft had hovered over her Arizona home and that the mysterious young woman who he had encountered on the road was Molly as a beautiful young woman.