You lie in bed, exhausted and weak, uncovered upon hot sheets

The stench of the coming summer invading though the open window

Open with the false hope that you can keep winter here

And your love may yet return with the darkened hours

But just as you know he will not come, you know you will not rest tonight

No, you will cry, cry for the boy who should not have to be a man

Cry for the innocent love of the young he was denied

Cry for the fears he hides behind his eyes

Cry for the belief he holds that he is not worthy

And you cry for the quiet defeat you hear in his voice

Soft enough to tell you he may never believe

And each tear is as cold and empty as he does not want to become

And they ache like the knowledge that he might refuse to accept love

And you cry because you don't want to stop

Because when you cry you pray

Because each tear begs God to heal him

So you swear to him that he is worthy of love

And God made someone for him

And he will stumble and fall as everyone does

But she will love him regardless

And you swear that one day he will not be alone

And love will be everything he dreams

You swear she'll never leave him

Until God calls her back to Him

And then you whisper silently, that you'll be there until she comes

And when she does you'll step back, rejoicing in his happiness

You'll swear you wont forget

When it was you he trusted, and you promise you'll be there if he ever needs you

But then you'll let him go, because now he's her best friend

And in the dark and silence, you'll cry again

Cry for joy because he's finally happy, and healed, and safe

And you'll cry in pain for what you must do again

You must turn off the part of you that loves

You cry and your humanity is bled out through your tears, until, dead inside, you sleep

Sleep alone, again, but at least no one can see

See you cry