Man. Immortal. A slayer of men. A child of complete darkness. Many names that suit me. Many names' that have been given to me since the day I was created. Yes I was created. What? You think vampires' such as me just appears out of nowhere? Well do you?

Sorry about that. Well now that I got your attention allow me to introduce myself. I am Lord Bade. I am known through the vampire community as the worst vampire to ever walk this disgraceful planet that we call earth. Well though's that is reading this might not think this planet is that disgraceful. But if you been around as long as I have, and we're counting hundreds of years, of course you're going to start hating this planet.

Of course I have seen empires grow and fall throughout my life on earth. Always walking among the shadows of the night, never in the sun of day. Don't ever get me wrong? I am tempted to one day walk outside of the sleeping place and look upon the sun, the magnificent glowing orb in the sky that lights up the day. But never have I tried. I may at times hate my life as a vampire but I have never attempted to walk out into the sun and get my self fried as you "Punks" as now a days I believe you say. Am I right?

Well if I'm not there isn't anything you can do about it. Yes I am a cruel bastard. But you must have figured that out by now, if you haven't. Well that's too bad because I just told you I am.

Well any way back to me introducing myself, yes my name is Lord Bade and I am known as one of the cruelest vampires' there ever was. No one never stood a chance against me. Like I give them a chance too anyway. If anyone ever tried to piss me off, I would normally just suck them dry of all their precious blood right than and there, or if they're a vampire like myself. I'll cut off their heads. Doesn't make a difference to me?


Now I have lived on this earth for more than a hundred years so you could say I am old. Really you could but you would only end of getting killed by me. But the truth is, I don't look a day more than twenty-six. Which really amazes me. No I think I'm carrying on just a little too much? Everyone knows that once you're turned into a vampire and the black blood runs through your very veins you don't age. You stay young forever. Well that's not entirely true, there are some vampire's that have been turned when that of very old age, normally a vampire wouldn't use the black blood on someone so old but if they were once related to them when they were once mortals. Which I think it's really stupid.


So why bother to hang around mortals? You'll never get your mortality back. You live forever. Well that's if you're not stupid enough to walk out in the sun or into some bloody bomb fire. And I hope you're not? Well it would be funny, don't get me wrong? I am not a nice person. But anyway back to me. Why? Because I say so I am the one that is writing this bloody thing. I am the author. And I'm here to write about my life story. Yes that is right. MY life story. Sounds boring you say? Well that's where you got it all wrong ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I have lead a very interesting life, even before I was created.

So now why don't we get onto my life story before this book ends up in the trash bin and it's only the introduction.