The Yowlers of Mowler

In the style of Dr. Seuss

A/N-As inspired by my cat, who wouldn't shut up today. I know, it's bizarre, so for people who loved good ol' Dr. Seuss!

One day in a land where the Lolligrigs grew and the Teechies and Hummyworms played, where the sun brightly shone on the nest of the Krone and the fish all came outside to play, it was happy and jolly, full of lovey and frolly, t'was quite peaceful and jovial all day…


Aside from that from that land, oh so far from that land, lived creatures so horrible, so terribly horrible, so terribly, horridly, horribly horrible, that the Teechies and Hummyworms all ran away.

And these creatures so horrible lived in their land, where no Lolligrigs grew and no Hummyworms played, these creatures just prowled, and they prowled and they scowled, and were known as the Yowlers of Mowler.

Oh, the Yowlers of Mowler, those dark, evil prowlers, who scared any Teechie away, who scared away Krones and made Gollywogs moan as they sat there and yowled where they lay

For their voice was so loud, oh so loud and so proud that it caused all the Lolligrigs to sway, and the Yowlers they sat, in their ice caves, at that, and they yowled and they howled through the day.

But the worst kind of Yowler was the foulest of Yowlers, for the fouler the Yowler, the fouler their howl, and the fouler their howl, the more sinister their prowl as they prowled through the land, scaring theTeechies away.

But one day in the middle of Lolligrig Field all the citizens came out to meet:

All the Teechies and Krones, all the Hummyworms and Qoumes and the Gollywogs came out to meet.

They talked of the ways of the Yowlers of Mowler of their sinister prowl, of their roar full of power, and how they at once, must be stopped, yes, they must, oh they must oh they must ,oh they must, must be stopped!

So a plan they devised, and what a good plan indeed, sure to stop all the Yowlers and their dastardly deeds, To the front of the ice caves, at the entrance they stood, and they yowled, oh they yowled, yowled as loud as they could…

At once, in the cave, there arose a commotion, a tremulous, commotion, a thunderous commotion, and out came the Yowlers to see what the cause, to see what on earth all the ghastly noise was…

And there stood the citizens of Lolligrig Field, with their mouths wide and open, their arms linked as a shield, and the yowled and they yowled until their throats were red raw, and they looked at the Yowlers, and here's what they saw:

The Yowlers of Mowler were down on their knees, pleading with kindness, their yowling at ease, and together they promised no yowling forever, no scaring and yowling forever and ever,

No prowling,

No howling,

No scowling,

No fouling,

And especially…

No yowling!

So many a day up in Lolligirg field, all the prowling was gone and the yowling at yield, and a peace then came over the glorious land as the Yowlers of Mowler and citizens walked hand-in-hand.