Hey everyone, it's me, EponineWeasley (or Gabby, whichever you prefer)!! Just here to apologize for my extreme lack of updating, and to let you know that I have changed my PenName to castaways and cutouts. Anyway, I am stuck on To Kill a Patriot because of writer's block, and I want to apologize for not updating and letting you all know why. I have done a bit with the next chapter, but have not really done much. Plus I've been ridiculously busy with school and other things of that sort. I am also considering taking To Kill a Patriot down for editing, and maybe reposting some time this year, probably in the fall if I do.

I have, in the meantime, a Titanic story going, and I hope to finish it by sometime early in the summer, at which point I will post it in it's entirety, to spare myself the problems of updating constantly. Or, we can take a vote!! Whoever wants me to post it in it's entirety, say so in a review, and if you want me to update to keep the suspense going in the story, also say so in a review, or you can email me. My email address is in my user profile. I also am working on the Medieval story, but that is now a joint effort between my friend Alianne1379 and myself.

Again, I apologize and hope to update this again soon!