I can't tell when you are lying to me,

As it is not a face I believe you capable of,

Perhaps you are not as innocent as I first believed,

For your lips seem to touch those of betrayal,

And you battle with your truths as your lies,

Sink deep inside,

You don't seem to notice,

That what you tell even yourself,

Is not real, instead

You hide, unhindered,

In the cold darkness,

Using it as a cloak to protect you,

From other peoples prying eyes,

Not caring that they want to help you,

Not noticing that they care,

Not wanting them to notice,

How your delusions,

Are beginning to fail.

Okay, this is strange (even to me, and I wrote, isnt THAT sad!). Sorry for the weirdness....gah. Yeah. Thats it. Anyway, i hope no one was TOO freaked out by it. It did sound...i dont know. NEway, dont worry for my sanity. i'm perfectly sane...smiles sardonically at least, i claim to be!!!