Your Shallow Minded
©April Dominello - 2004

Deepest fires.
Darkest desires.
Falling blinded.
Shallow minded.

Believing the lies you told me.
Unable to comprehend, to understand, to see.
I was absorbing your deceitful tongue-talk into my soul.
It swallowed my individuality whole.

Liar, user, useless waste of my valuable emotion.
What are you doing with others' lives? What is your notion?
Do you think that by living off of others, you make yourself worth something?


Attacking deep into the very depths of the human heart.
You take away the feeling, ripping the body slowly apart.
Your like a ravenous beast, with the desire to devour.
You drained the life from my body, you gained more power.

The fire inside burns more vibrant and dark.
I feel something charge, the energy wake and spark.
It's fury I feel from whenever I go back... back to the memory.
The memory of you... You, my enemy.

Deepest fires.
Darkest desires.
Falling blinded.
Shallow minded.

I was blinded by you.
Your shallow minded.

My deepest fires.
My darkest desires.

Your a liar! A user and abuser.
Fuck you! And fuck your heart.
You have no emotion to love.
You don't deserve another to take hold of.

My anger calls out, it screams to the absurd.
Deep down I know, it'll never be heard.

Falling blinded.
Your shallow minded.