I guess i will never hear your voice again. . .never. . .

It's been about months
Since I last heard your voice.
Nothing has changed ever since, nothing.
Nothing but the warm breath of the summer breeze,
Which is suddenly whispering lonely shivering puffs of air,
And the willow trees that used boast of their green leaves
Are now shaking off their brown and crispy wilting foliage.

Your voice,
Although it still echoes in my ears,
It seems so far, so distant and it's starting to fade.
Yet, even the change of season had not the littlest aptitude
To restrict my ears
From hearing the fading resonance of your ever so sweet voice
That used to sing me songs of the stars and the planets.

And I guess after your song
Fades completely into eternity,
There would again be a change of season.
The poignant cries of the autumn breeze
Would have their last resonance this year,
Leaving nothing
But the ever-forgotten fallen leaves.