Working on the Sabbath Day
God said "Rest."
but I refused
the others are for play
but this day I'll use
writing down nonsense
with fingers bruised
my mind adrift
I'm without a muse
no complaints
I picked these shoes
but it's tough, you know
just a way to lose
I know it's getting late
from the evening hues
a single page to my name
after credit's due
if I falter today
I'll face the noose
the constraint of time
and the daily news
and it all comes back
to the same old clue
sabbatum means 'to cease'
His one great ruse
I thought He'd have no power
if I avoided the pews
as hard as I try
it's just no use
working on the Sabbath day
is a dream of fools.

TMK 2.13.2005