Hide and Seek
the bell tower tolled
but for no one, for nothing
it's 8 o'clock and this campus is bare
there's no place I'd rather be
except everywhere, anywhere
somewhere other than here
because there's no one
waiting for me
at the benches
that one girl I've seen
but she avoids me
because she doesn't need me as a friend
I have enough, thank you
living in reckless abandon
faithless communion
tireless slow-motion
endless emotions
it's a bold, bleary new day
and I can't get away
everyone else has somewhere to run
but I was always more fond
of hiding than seeking
good morning, world, what are you about?
and the bell tolls again
and the people awake at 8:15
it's time to move on
get up and get going
and see the world you're hiding from
where has everyone gone?

TMK 3.22.2005