In Their Eyes
There's something sinister in their eyes.
They hated me before they even met me.
And they still don't know who I am.
They're biased, of course, but their reason?
Because I am who I am and I'm not one of them.
It's that glare I get that just kills me,
Makes me laugh while I'm dying before them.
They live by the laws of the wicked,
They strike at the truth and flee as it falls.
They crucified it once, why not again?
As much hope as I have, they'll never fade away.
Every turn I make, and there they'll be,
With that darkness always in their eyes.
It's the way, the world we live in -
Or is this evil inherent, a natural penchant?
Is it worth fighting the battle,
Even when you'll never win the war?
I'll fight, I'll fight for everyone,
Even for those with their menacing eyes,
Even for those with their terrifying lies.
For everyone, I'll die; but only for them all -
Give me proof that it will change things,
And I'd gladly give my life, for every living thing.
Don't you realize, this could all be better?
But you won't give me your Word, that all will be forgiven.
So I hesitate before the piercing eyes of evil,
Then I stare at the ground and pass the world by.
I'm sorry, but I could have used a little more hope.
I'm sorry, everyone, for the hatred, the lies.
There's only so much that one man can do.
When floods and death won't open their eyes,
What else is left for us to do?
I'd pray, but even that won't save me now.

TMK 3.22.2005