Cryptic Entries

This black type fills the white page

Overflowing with feelings

Words trip over one another

Trying to decipher

Misunderstood images

Collide with clarity

As they struggle on the snow

To look past the type

Into the thoughts below

Images rise, as if in a dream

Lyrics and thoughts burst from the seams

Rhyming once again into oblivion

And all for what?

A broken path to self-discovery

So still gathering pieces

Think I have most of them now

But yet far from complete

And so close to perfection

That Im cracking in its light

I wish I had a reason

For we all know I have the rhyme

Spending countless hours in thought

Fumbling towards ecstacy in time

And my watch is broken

Sit and wait, no longer alone

For my shadow is no longer lonely

It has yours to abide with now

And I have found my home