Chapter Ten

The twins were dragged out from the alleyway and towards the police car. They hardly remembered being grabbed by their necks and having their wrists twisted in pain until they were still.

They were both surprised to see Marcus and Carter, who must have woken up shortly after they escaped from the trailer, but Paul and Jankins came as no surprise.

And Tobias had never seen a drunker man. Jankins' eyes were red and bloodshot, whereas Paul seemed to be unable to stand still; his body swayed and his breath reeked.

They were pinned by their arms, each held by two men, and knew that this was the most crucial moment of all.

This was the place where the men received their ransom, if there was a ransom. And personally, Tobias didn't know whether their parents would fork over twenty thousand dollars or not.

For the very first time all evening, his heart hoped that they did. He wanted nothing more than to throw his arms around his parents, and drive out of this horrible place back home.

And this time, the men were armed with shotguns.

The twins didn't even bother struggling this time, for the sharp, cold point of the shotgun was pointed to their necks, and one wrong move and they knew that these men wouldn't hesitate to shoot.

They approached the policeman cautiously; the policeman looked up from a book he was reading at the sound of their footsteps and stared at the group.

He had dark brown hair, and looked quite young, maybe in his late twenties. A gun was poking out from his pocket, as well as a shiny pair of handcuffs.

The policeman's eyes were hard and cold, but he glanced at the children with a sort of softness in them.

"You two are under arrest by order of the law. Step away from the kids and put your hands behind your head." He recited, feeling a sort of furious power as he said them. This was, after all, his second major mission, and he wanted to give these thugs a feeling of inferiority.

But the four men took out their shotguns and held them at the children.

Tobias trembled. Azra started crying silently. Weren't ransoms like this, as seen in the movies, supposed to have happy endings?

"If you make any movements, we'll shoot." They said coldly.

The policeman knew better than to shoot, though the thought did cross his mind. He had been on only one other mission such as this, but it was an "educational experience", to say the least. He was chosen for the job only because Perkins was out sick and Grayne was in the hospital wit ha broken leg.

The first thing he noticed about the men was that two of them were stoned. They both reeked of alcohol, while the other two had dried blood all over their faces. It was those two he had to bargain with.

"Now come one," he said, making sure not to reach for his gun. "Perhaps we can come to some sort of an agreement".

His trick was to lure them in, then Tazer them. He could already feel the powerful handle of his bright yellow tazer…

But they saw right through this.

"The ony arreemen-we'll-make," one of the stoned ones slurred "isif you and'o'er the unney."

The policeman was disgusted. These guys were so drunk, he could shoot them right now and they wouldn't even notice. He could hardly understand them as it was.

Then he glanced at the kids.

They seemed to be twins, a boy and a girl. The boy had several small scratches on his hands and face, but the girl was a wreck. A large, bloody lump sat on her head, her body was bleeding in several places and she looked as if she was about to throw-up.

He knew that they and their parents were counting on them.

So he tried again, this time speaking clearly and distinctly, rather like talking to a seven-year-old. "If you step away from the kids, I'll hand over the money. See? It's in this here bag." This was a lie; the bag was only filled with the leftovers from the recycling bin at police headquarters.

One of the men shook his head. Then, another spoke, in a clear voice.

"We want the twenty grand, a truck and your gun." He demanded, seeing as his comrades couldn't speak for themselves.

The policeman knew of this trick. He had read about it in the files at headquarters many times before.

And he knew what he had to do, for stationed all around these idiots were a dozen policemen, hidden in the bushes and the junkyard. All he had to do was give the signal, and they would leap out and blast what little brains these men had.

The perpetrators had no idea, as usual.

He wished he could have told the kids about this, who did indeed look as if they were about to collapse, but this was impossible without their captors knowing too.

"Ok, tell ya what, I'll give you my car and my gun. Then, you hand over the kids." He reasoned, hoping against hope that this would work. If it didn't…

To his enormous relief, the guys seemed ok with that. They walked near the car, opened the door, then in one, swift movement, shoved the kids and the policeman in at once.

At once, all around them, two dozen policemen ran out of the bushes as the police car drove away.

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