With each step, click
10 thousand miles of silence
rolls endlessly, helplessly between us
it'd take 10 thousand steps which
rake in the secrets left to dry
Brittle & Stale & Covered with the dust
of a thousand star's
turned off for too long
one finger; click

Each colour you chose, pick
10 thousand words unsaid
lay naked bare, uncared for between us
it'd take 10 thousand hours, which
strip cold the secrets locked away
Orange & Grey & Green paint the blue
of a season scarred with silence
the season, you picked.

Yet each second took, tick
10 thousand seconds unknown
rush by persistently, consistently between us
it'd take 10 thousand wishes, which
grip onto the faceless dreams
Dark & Deep & Sick of meaning
with a thousand riddles
crisscrossing through like veins
the pulse; tick.

but your eyes are too deep, too orange
your hands and hug too warm, too green
your voice far too pure, too blue
for me to burden you
with the secret scars, too grey for me.