Running up the background hill- when
I was chasing you to the end
(of everything).
I was w.a.n.t.i.n.g. like crying to
you're miracle laughter, Even then
it was just playtime.

But when I caught you, we
crashed together and we
danced and twirled and
I forgot the world within
a whirl of color and
painted on glory to your
-smile- but it wasn't like
the fairytale I dreamt of when I
d i e d i n s i d e
Buried myself within your
blistered kiss,
twisted love to bleeding, broken
with band-aid metaphors
and your name poetry.

Then at the very top of
-that hill-
after the sunset in pink, the
ashes all came...
we all came
t u m b l i n g

Kisses to grass stains and
wondering why you ran and
why you fell
and why I fallowed...

I was too caught up being broken to realize,
that you didn't fall, my dear
I pushed you.