A young girl wrote a letter to the one she loves,

Only to recieve rejection.

A small boy lost his favorite toy

At a park near his house,

And a college student missed an important test

Because they slept in.

But yesterday,

A man proposed to his dearly beloved

On a golf course in Tennessee,

A girl's mother suprised ehr

With an after-school birthday shopping spree

To the local mall.

A sixteen-year-old boy fot a new car

As a reward for passing his driver's test.


A lot fo things happened.

Good things,

Bad things,

Nothing-at-all things.


You were happy,




You were excited,


Or exuberant.


No matter what happened yesterday,

To who,

Or where,

Those same things are happening today,

And will happen tomorrow.

But all that beside,

Each day is one full of life,

Of greatness and pleasure,

Woe and misery,

And although a day may bring sadness,

We have a promise:

That at the end of each day,

We can close our eyes,

And go to sleep,

And wake up to a brand new one,

For days are made for living.