When you gave me that look,

I felt as though my world

Had fallen out from under me.

The words you flung at me

Punctured my heart,

Leaving holes behind

That let the sorrow

Spread, like a river, throughout my soul.

When you left me standing there,

In the night,

The lonliness I hadn't felt for years

Once again surrounded me,

Folding me into its depths,

Nearly suffocating me

With its blackness,,

Causing me to gasp for breath.

As though frozen, I stood there,

Even as the rain began to fall,

And I felt it runits icy fingers

Down along my back.

And when I started to cry,

I didn't care,

Because my tear-streaken face shows naught

In the storm.

And I can't be called weak,

Or sad,

Or small.

They can't laugh at me again

The way they did before

When I cried for you

The first time.

Because now,

I do all my crying in the rain.