I'm dancing in long, broken feathers

That fall from a frozen black sky.

I'm singing my ballads of silence

About how you give up to try.

I'm watching the river of silver

As it flies through the danp, misty air

And I'm touching expanses of nothing

Because it's so interesting there.

I'm flying on wings made of rainbows

To a land only known by the sea

Where impossible things may be happening

Where darkened lights haunt harmony.

I'm calling the spirits of loved ones

To travel the realms of unknown,

To glide through the earth on a rain cloud

To return to their never-left homes.

I contemplate all I can't think of

With stars and with moon and with sun.

I ponder the ends of forever

And what happens when all is done.

I'm falling down, endlessly falling

Into the watery fires.

I'm taking the shape of an eagle

To soar through the clouds that are higher.

I'll run with the stride of a cheetah

To a glade in a forest I know.

I'll bask in the earthlight from heaven,

No hindrance where my mind may go.

I wander the ne'er-ending deserts

And fight my way through lightning storms.

And with timeless imagination,

I'll do all this and much more.