Deep Greens and Blues

Hallie 'Comic' Chapman had a town named after her when she was 18. She won viKing of the Hill, Miss Viking and Most Valuable Coach at her High School, senior year. She owned her town and ran it well. At age 21, instead of drinking, she was elected mayor. The older citizens remember her days as a hell raiser. Her charisma flowed in her blood and her sense filled her head. Everyone loved her now but a few remember where she came from.


"I hate you Brendan."

"No you don't." My brother countered. He was right but I couldn't let him know that.

"You set me up on a date with a client's brother, way to pimp me out." Due to the injustice from my brother, I whipped out my cell phone (thank you Summers family) and called Luke.

"Don't call Lucas." My idiotic relative exclaimed. "Hallie, this guy is normal, I met him."

"Yeah, like I'm gonna trust your judge of character right now. I don't see how you could agree to this in the first place; you're supposed to be over protective, not whoring me out." I slammed my door and began to change. "What's so special about this guy anyway?"

"He didn't recognize your name." I froze with my shirt over my head.


"He had no idea who Hallie Chapman is." I pulled off my shirt, amazed. Everyone here knows me. Or at least OF me. "Hal, will you do it?"

"What's his name?" I asked, dazed, but I was already gonna say yes.

"Jude Carter."

"You lied!" My cell phone rang, postponing my fratricide. "Talk fast; you're keeping my brother alive."

"Comic, did you just try to call me?"

"Yup. Guess what Brendan did?"

"I have no idea but you sound mighty pissed." Yes, I am aware that my teenage best friend just used the word mighty. Only eighty year olds and Lucas use the word mighty.

"Thank you Mr. Obvious. He got me a blind date." Lucas's only response was laughter then a thunk.

"Sorry, just dropped my phone."


"He got you a blind date?" Luke repeated, ignoring me.

"Well, not exactly blind anymore. I know who it is."

"Who is it then?" He whined like a 5th grade gossip girl. "My big, strong manly friends are making fun of our conversation. My curiosity is costing me my ego." He informed me.

"Where exactly are you?"

"In a friend's truck. Anyway, who is the lucky bastard?"

"Jude Carter." I whispered reluctantly into the phone. Luke choked.

"No effin' way." He half muttered, half giggled. "At least he's a nice guy." I had forgotten he was friends with the jerk.

"Did you just giggle? And I hate him." I stated.


"What kind of guy goes out with a girl he doesn't know cuz her brother sells her out?" I could practically see him roll his eyes.

"He doesn't want to date you, and he knows who you are."

"What?" I protested, rejection isn't nice, even when you want it.

"He knows," my friend repeated slowly into the phone.


"Oh, his brother's making him." Jesus, this is why no one needs siblings, they interfere.

"Why doesn't he want to date me?"

"Because he finally figured out who you were." I gasped at the change in voice.

"Lucas, you Jackass!" I paused. "So you're his big, strong, manly friend? Do you agree that Luke is gay?"

"See you on our date Hallie." He just laughed and hung up. ON ME. Nobody ever hangs up on me. Except Jude.

When we were little, he started the pranks, over the years, my gang has grown and the pranks become more elaborate. Jude gets along with all of my friends which only adds to my distaste. If I really thought about it, he's like an equal in my gang even though I didn't consider him a member. And if I thought really hard, Jude could even be credited with my nickname. My cell rang. I answered and was involuntarily deafened.

"OH MY GOD! Hallie this is great! You finally reconciled your differences and are dating!"

"Hi Brina."

"Plus he is soooo hot."

"He's an asshole, and you're dating Luke."

"Do you often call your boyfriend an asshole?" I love my best friend but when she wants to be, she's stupid. I think Peggler's rubbing off on her.

"I'm not dating him, he's the spawn of Satan and I hate my brother and best bud. Jude is still an asshole and I still hate him. We just happen to have a date together."

"He's a sexy spawn of Satan." Why is Sabrina on the Honor Roll and I'm not? "When is it?"


"Well, come on over, your brother needs to work so you guys can eat and he can't do that if he's dead." Okay, so maybe I judged Sab too soon. "And then we can talk about what you're wearing." I hung up on her.