Break and Bleed

Broken apart and wasting away in a world of broken mirrors

Lost in a crowd of smiling, happy faces

Wanting out, but can't seem to find my way

Stumbling and falling upon dead and dying souls

Reaching out a hand no one will ever take


Drowning in the waters of a lake of melted dreams

Flopping upon the sand like a fish left to die

A fly upon the wall of life

A pebble beneath society's shoe

Deafness roaring in my bleeding ears

Blackness blinding my farseeing eyes


Can't seem to find my way back to your shore

The way out of these words

The way back to your door.

And even if I found it, it would be locked without a key

Or slammed within my face.

For no one ever wants or wanted me.


So I will sit here and cry and slowly fade away

Hoping someone will find me and offer sympathy

Instead of turning their backs and turning off the light

Leaving me in the darkest room with no windows from which to see the world

Laughing and sneering back at me

As I break

As I bleed